Jessyn Farrell

The dust is settling on the primary election results. It appears that the candidate with our strongest endorsementJessyn Farrell in the 46th district — has advanced to the general election with a plurality of votes. Almost half of voters supported neither candidate that advanced, so there’s still a lot of work to be done (and money to be spent) in the campaign.

In entirely unsurprising results, Jay Inslee and incumbent justice Susan Owens will continue to the general.

Elsewhere, the news was bad. Brett Phillips, Rob Holland, John Ladenburg, and Greg Nickels all will not be on the ballot in November. In most cases this is likely to result in an officeholder that is a mere “yes” vote for transit, rather than a leader on the issue. In others, anti-transit candidates are still in the race. Some of the survivors may very well emerge with good ideas in the coming months. We’ll discuss that further in our general election endorsements this fall.

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  1. Mary Margaret Haugen is also currently in 2nd place–out of 2 candidates–in her primary race.

    1. I believe her opponent is someone who would be far worse on land use and transportation.

      1. But her opponent (should they win) wouldn’t be the chair of the Senate Transportation Committee.

      2. Yeah, we want her to lose. It doesn’t matter how the person in that particular seat is on transportation – it matters how the chair of Senate Transportation is. Any of the people who would succeed her will be better.

        The key is that losing her means we’d need to pick up a Senate seat. Mark Mullet, in the 5th, is likely to win, if we help him.

      3. While I’ve been very unhappy with her handling of transportation policy matters, I have to say she took a courageous position with respect to equality and it seems her constituents may be punishing her for it.

      4. Charles, I can assure you living up in this area that one of the major tribes is spending money to punish Haugen for her tolerance of gays and her position on water rights up her in Skagit.

        I do think Haugen must go. She is a total jerk and has been one many times, unlike Rep. Bailey. Plus you guys should realize with a likely new “philosophical majority” (thanks Dino) it really doesn’t matter who wins, re: transit.

        Finally, I do encourage you guys to note how Skagit County is GAINING new transit service this fall!

    2. Mary Margaret is [ad hom] and I hope Rebecca Bailey wins in November. If you know anything about state government transportation projects, you’ll notice how many of the highways in and around her district have been recently widened. Mind you, SR 20 was widened to a median divided highway through the Swinomish Slough and Skagit River Valley, an obvious wetland and flood plain requiring extensive mitigation. That’s great land-use planning? I think not. Many other roads have been repaved, upgraded, and funded, while roads that need the money, in and around the Seattle area, are in disrepair.

      1. I agree with you Charlotte, there are several things MMH could have done better, in terms of our state government transportation. I hope we have your vote in November, but her name is actually Barbara Bailey not Rebecca. Thanks again though for the vote of confidence.

  2. I am happy the GOP candidates left in the races are all transit friendly. Especially, Robbie McKenna and John Koster.


      1. McKenna in addition to being a light rail opponent really screwed Metro over while he was on the County Council. He’s the whole reason Metro had the asinine 40/40/20 rule for new or restored service.

      2. You’re going to have to explain how that’s so bad in a blog post… polite hint.

  3. A few direct, original thoughts:

    #1. I really wish Farrell was on the outside instead of in the mess that is the state legislature. She’s in for “head bang here” a lot – and I know this thru a friend’s Facebook postings as a progressive state rep, so I’ll pledge $25 as a thank you for her work on transit issues. “Sir Rob” McKenna though gets $50!

    #2. Greg Nickels is a choke artist. Watch Sonicsgate. Besides, if you want a professional to be Secretary of State focused solely on elections issues who has run an election – back Kim Wyman. I hope you guys keep this in mind as Wyman also has the WEA endorsement.

    #3. As I told my friends, re: Sonics Arena, be very careful about the AG’s race. It’s about who’ll be the best person for the position, not how Dunn & Ferguson displeased or pleased you on the King County Council. If the latter, it might be a case to keep Ferguson there until 2016 to run against my friend Governor Rob McKenna if you’re not careful…

    #4. I fully expect you guys to endorse Inslee. Won’t surprise me because nothing I say or do is going to remove McKenna’s record of fiscal responsibility and opposition to light rail.

    1. What Sonicsgate? The voters said no public money for stadiums unless there’s a substantial city benefit. The Sonics owner wouldn’t consent and left. That has nothing to do with Nickels.

      1. Well that’s a legit perspective, but Nickels had a lawsuit to get the Sonics to honour two more years of a lease. Had he stood his ground, Clay Bennett would have had to sell the team and then we’d have a very different situation.

        Just watch the movie, you’ll understand.

  4. I was really dismayed to see Brett fair so poorly in the primary. Sigh. I wish him all the best in the future. Perhaps a future run.

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