Seattle Streetcar, 1909 (wikimedia)

Join Rob Ketcherside, me, and the Seattle Public Library tomorrow night for a discussion of the history of Seattle’s streetcars and where urban rail goes from here.

Thursday August 16th
7 to 8 p.m.
Roy Street Coffee & Tea, 700 Broadway Ave E

In 1941, Seattle’s streetcar tracks were torn up and sold for scrap. Now we’re tunneling under Capitol Hill and laying new tracks on Broadway. What has changed? Join in a discussion about the past and present of Seattle’s street railways.

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    1. Click on the picture for info. “The scene is on Yesler Way; the building in the background is the old Olympic Block (partially collapsed in the 1970s, then demolished) at First and Yesler.”

    2. I think he meant the event, not the photo. It’s at Roy Street Coffee & Tea as far as I know.

  1. The First Hill streetcar seems to be moving along quickly. Rail is installed and open to car traffic on one side of Yesler between 14th and 12th, and the other side is about ready to pour concrete. On Yesler up near Broadway it looks like they’ve been doing some serious utility relocation, with big concrete fittings and plenty of groundwork. Jackson’s been covered in quick asphalt patches and steel plates all summer as utility relocation occurred.

    My daily commute brings me up Yesler and down Jackson, and it’s been interesting to watch the steps involved.

    1. You mean the Northern Pacific’s Ticket office or the person who was moving too fast to be caught by the camera using something called “film”?

  2. Wonder if Skoda could do us a car with open sides for summer. It really bothers me to be aboard a transit vehicle where there isn’t even a vent window to open. Completely at the mercy of AC.

    Which itself takes energy to run. Until First Hill line reconsiders its idea about running the line on batteries with no southbound wire, I’m taking along a bottle of water and salt pills every summer day.

    And maybe one of those case-hardened tools for breaking out of a crashed car. Considering the 9% grade between Union and Swedish Hospital, it’ll take a hell of a hybrid package to handle traction power and AC too on a day like this.

    Mark Dublin

  3. Why that streetcar appears to be populated with furrin’ *immigrants*!!!

    I sure hope none of them entered the country illegally!

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