It’s a bit of a stroll from the station, but the southern end of Rainier Avenue is hosting an art walk this Saturday. Details above. It’s an opportunity to use a station and see a neighborhood that barely exists in the minds of much of the rest of the city.

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  1. Looks like Rainier Beach/Skyway is on its way to becoming the new Georgetown–better transit service, close-by schools, grocery stores and King Donuts. Everything G’town lacks.

  2. This is a parody of an excuse of the week post, right? Don’t take bus that goes right to the event, but take light rail, which will drop you off a half mile away. Martin almost had me with this one.

    1. It really goes like this:

      “Don’t take the bus which takes almost an hour to go right to the event (including 15 minutes to go the last half mile as it gets stuck in event traffic) and is overcrowded and full of obnoxious, loud people, but take the light rail, which will drop you off half a mile away in 20 minutes (and probably get a seat), just a 10 minute walk from the event”.

      If I were to go, I know which option I would use.

      1. asdf, I can tell you have never taken the 7 to Rainier Beach before. It doesn’t take an hour to get there. There is no 15 minute wait in event traffic for the Art Walk. It’s not overcrowded with loud, obnoxious people. Just be honest about it.

      2. Actually, before Link existed, I have ridden the 7 a few times, although only as far as Columbia City. Just getting from the international district to I-90/Ranier seemed to take almost forever, and it didn’t get better as the bus plodded along.

        On paper, the 7 takes about 40 minutes to get from 3rd and Pine to Ranier and Henderson. This is already 20 minutes longer than Link, which puts Link ahead, even with a 10 minute walk. Then add that Link will probably actually get there in the 20 minutes it’s scheduled to take, while the 7 will likely run late (add another 10 minutes). Then, consider that, while on paper, the headways of the 7 are only 2 minutes longer than Link (12 minutes vs. 10), the 7 is far more likely to get bunched, so add an additional 10 minutes standing at the bus stop for the 7 vs. 5 for Link.

        Total time for Link: 5 minutes (waiting) + 20 minutes (riding) + 10 minutes (walking) = 35 minutes

        Total time for the 7: 10 minute (waiting) + 50 minutes (riding) = 60 minutes.

        Assume one is capable of the 10 minute walk, I think Link wins this one hands down.

    2. asdf, I do believe you dislike taking the a bus into the Rainier Valley, but I don’t believe it’s for the reasons you give.

      1. Before Link existed, I did it and experienced it first hand. I know exactly what I’m talking about. I rode both the 7 and the 106. (The 106 was even worse then the 7, in spite of the fact that, at the time, it had a short freeway segment).

        Now, I will only get anywhere near the Ranier Valley one of three ways:
        – Link
        – Bike
        – Walk/jog from the I-90/Ranier Ave. freeway station

        Unless something changes dramatically, I don’t plan on riding the 7 or 106 buses ever again.

  3. Also this weekend will be the kick off of the Kent East Hill Revitalization Project. 23617 104th Ave SE Kent, WA 98031 – Benson Plaza Shopping Center Just follow the signs! Saturday, 1:00pm until 4:00pm

    The Kent East Hill Revitalization Project aims to draw on the strengths of the Kent East Hill residents and businesses to improve and build an area that celebrates our diversity, and encourages strong local, public, and private investment.

    Transit and transportation should be a key part of this. I will be attending and be one of the representatives of the Kent Bicycle Advisory Board.

      1. There was a Kent city planner who was promoting just that…the walkable streets concept…but he moved on last year. Not sure what this year’s flavor is…

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