I’ve updated yesterday’s post to include Rod Dembowski, who got me his full responses last night. He of course had a chance to see everyone else’s answers, for whatever that’s worth.

4 Replies to “Questionnaire Responses Now Complete”

  1. I wasn’t able to access the responses for David Baker. Acrobat gave me an error when I tried to download his answers.

  2. Hi! I wanted to give everyone my phone number and encourage you to call me at any time (or email) to talk in-depth about transit policy. The short answers we’ve all provided don’t do justice to the complexity of transit issues in King County (that’s just the nature of the beast!). For example, I think any long-term funding solution needs to be progressive. But short-term, I’ll absolutely support regressive solutions (like the congestion reduction charge) that keep transit moving. Priority one is maintaining and expanding Metro and ST service.

    My cell phone number is (206) 446 5491 – call any time.

    Keith Scully

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