2 Replies to “Potential Approaches for Sound Transit”

  1. it is possible if sound transit writes in that money from one subarea can pay for light rail in another subarea only after or a unaimass vote by the board

  2. San Francisco . . . there’s the model for good urban transit. Muni, Streetcar, Cable Car, Bus, and Bart as well as Cal Train. Hmmm? Makes Seattle look like a one horse town. San Francisco will
    expand the streetcar line to extend West from Fisherman’s Wharf through Fort Mason and the length of Crissy Field. A complete loop will be made by the streetcar from the Castro through the Mission District to the baseball field. Bart is expending through Chinatown and to North Beach with future plans for Van Ness. Yep. San Francisco . . . transportation envy!

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