The long process to replace new Attorney General Bob Ferguson is over. Local attorney and Democratic Party insider Rod Dembowski will represent the 1st district until the aftermath of this fall’s election.

Late last year STB polled all the 1st district candidates on transit and land use issues and found Dembowski to be a close second to Shoreline Councilman Will Hall. There’s reason to expect that Mr. Dembowski will have a positive impact on the single most important legislative body for transit issues.

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  1. The press release says Mr. Dembowski was selected unanimously. The Seattle Times reports that the County Council voted 5-3.

    I have no quarrels with Mr. Dembowski, but this reminds me of one of the critiques of the districting process: that it frequently happens that the politicians choose their voters before the voters choose their politicians. Mr. Dembowski served on the county’s redistricting committee. One thing lacking in this process is a law saying members of the districting committee may not then seek election to one of the districts they drew. (FWIW, the Seattle districting proposal does not include such a proscription either, but it does at least bar elected officials other than precinct committee officers from serving on the redistricting committee.)

    1. I watched this via live streaming. There were a series of procedural votes. It did come down to 5-3 in favor of Rod, but by agreement, the final, crucial vote was unanimous.

  2. Great news! Rod is one of us. His work for Sound Transit at FP has helped keep the projects on time and on budget. Now that he’s got some political clout to go along with his legal-eagle mind, we finally may get some performance out of DOT.

  3. Thanks for the coverage. Really appreciated the early nod from STB in the appointment process. Please feel free to come see me at the Courthouse, call or write.

    I’m on the job and looking forward to helping lead on critical transit issues, including ensuring a smooth Rapid Ride launch to Shoreline later this year and getting reliable, permanent funding in place to protect Metro Transit as the CRC expires. Please let me hear from you.

    Would be happy to stop by your next gathering.



    1. When do you think you’ll get on Sound Transit’s board? Right after you win the election in November?

    2. Congrats, and best of luck, Rod!

      Just please remember to keep the interests of the great bulk of transit users in mind when you are faced, as you will be, by a small, organized group loudly objecting to carefully planned change.

    3. Councilor Rod;

      I’m happy to see an elected official take up the mantle of transit as you have. Very few – such as Island County Commish Helen Price-Johnson – are advocates for transit at local government levels in NW Washington State.

      So on that note: Congrats on your appointment.

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