King County Metro 42 in Rainier View
King County Metro 42 in Rainier View. Photo by Oran.

As we announced a couple of weeks ago, the next Seattle Transit Blog meetup will begin at 4:43 PM on Friday, at 3rd Ave S & Main St. We’re going to ride the last trip of Route 42 to the Columbia City Ale House, to celebrate the benefits all Metro riders will collectively share from the reallocation of the resources required for this route to more effective use.

We will board the last outbound 42 from 3rd & Main, disembark at Rainier & Alaska, and proceed to the Columbia City Ale House for food and drinks. (Be a few minutes early, or check OneBusAway, in case the bus is ahead of schedule). The Ale House is 21+, but I’ll also be at Caffe Vita, just a block away, from about 4 PM, for those of you who can get away early and want to chat for a while. If you don’t work downtown or can’t get off work in time, you can join us at your convenience by using one of the many other vastly superior transit services (Link, 7, 8, 9X, 50) which can get you within walking distance of Columbia City.

For the folks left out by the 21+ age restriction at the Ale House, I feel your pain, and I’m truly sorry, but the budget for this meetup is $0, and it’s virtually impossible to find a free, fun, all-ages venue which can accommodate such a gathering.

See you guys there!

2 Replies to “Meetup Tomorrow in Pioneer Square and Columbia City”

  1. Didn’t make the bus ride and had to duck out after only an hour, but good times.

    I discovered that d.p. is a real person and not just a whinebot someone set on the blog (and may or may not have pulled a knife on him :D).

    Good to see some old faces and meet new. On to the Ballard meet up! (on a streetcar! :p)

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