The light rail excuse of the week series highlights activities in the Rainier Valley for those of you that might want to try riding Link occasionally, but have little reason to go to the Southeast or the airport. This week’s selection is the Plate of Nations:

From March 24 to April 6, ten MLK restaurants will offer special $15 and $25 meals to share. New this year, a “passport” invites diners to earn stamps for sampling the global cuisines of all 10 restaurants and to become eligible for PRIZES, in addition to ten contests on facebook to win GIFT CERTIFICATES to Plate of Nations restaurants!

Not all of these restaurants are as exotic as the theme suggests, but they’re all inexpensive. Bananas Grill and St. Dames are both former LREOTWs, and Rainier BBQ was on the Travel Channel, so it’s a step above the same old chains.

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  1. I had actually received that from somewhere else. Notice what’s not on the map? That’s right: the Link stations.

    1. That’s because the entire MLK corridor is an easy walk from a Link station. I mean, look at all those dots right next to the Graham station!

      1. You know that, but people who don’t ride Link and don’t go to the Rainier Valley (in other words, the folks this is supposed to be aimed at) don’t. Moreover, they don’t know where the stations are located so they don’t know, if they pick out a particular restaurant,where they should get off the train. This isn’t rocket science, it’s marketing 101.

      2. I believe Mr. Dimond is referencing the inconvenience of the large (1.6 mile) gap between the Columbia City and Othello stations. Apparently, earlier Link plans called for a station in between them at Graham St.

      3. @PhillipG: Yes, I was being a sarcastic jerk and making a point completely unrelated to Breadbaker’s. I sort of felt bad about doing that, and I sort of still do. Sorry. FWIW, I actually agree with Breadbaker — it would be good if the stations were marked on the map.

    2. I noticed the missing Link stations too. Most Plate of Nations attendees won’t know where they are. Also, having them on the map would encourage people to take Link, or at least to think about taking Link. In cities with the most-established subways, the stations are always on maps, and directions in ads will give the walking route from the nearest station.

    1. Would that I live long enough to be able to take Link to Ezell’s Lake City location….

  2. Thai Palms is a great Thai restaurant. Walk about 1/3 mile north of the Othello Station on the west side of MLK.

  3. Thanks to a tip from STB commenter Charles, Joy Palace has replaced Harbor City as our Dim Sum place.

    Bananas has this great cheeseburger/kebaab fusion that’s worth stopping for.

    St. Dames is great if you like Vegetarian. Even for a meat eater like me, it’s worth a stop every month or so.

    Cafe Ibex is great, although ever since I had a buddy fly in late and the owner of Kezira open back up (it was late but I didn’t realize she was closing when we walked up) just to feed us she’s been my go to Ethiopian place. But that’s just a loyalty/convience thing (it’s in Columbia City where I live) not a taste. Both are equally great IMO.

    I’m going to have to try the Original Philly place. It’s been on the list for a while. Hopefully this will be the excuse needed to get my wife to go.

  4. I’ve been trying to find that vegetarian restaurant I heard about but never could, so this is helpful.

    I’ve eaten at the Rainier BBQ. It’s surprisingly inexpensive, but I did not like the duck dish. I don’t know about their other dishes.

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