Tomorrow is election day. So finish your ballot and mail it in.

STB’s endorsements for the primary are here and here.

12 Replies to “Vote by Tomorrow”

  1. If you live in an apartment building, ask your building manager if you can post a “remember to vote!” sign on the front door. I did this and a couple neighbors have thanked me for reminding them.

  2. Seattle loves transit and will vote strongly for Seattle’s strongest transit mayor ever, Mike McGinn! He’ll get at least 20%! That’s how strongly we support transit in Seattle!

  3. We talked about the primary last night at my local watering hole. Of the 4 of us, there were two votes for Steinbrueck, one vote for Murray, and one vote for Harrell

  4. ya, meaningless at this point, but interesting in that nobody I know has voted for McGinn. And I’ve polled a few more people here at work and that is still true.

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