PosterTuesday August 13th at 9:15 pm Ark Lodge Cinemas in Columbia City will have a late night showing of the 1979 Transportation and Urban Street Life documentary The Warriors.  Tickets will be $10.

The Ark Lodge is easy to get to.  From Columbia City Station walk east to Rainier.  The theater is there between Edmunds and Angeline (in the old Columbia City Cinema space).

I fly out of town early on the 14th so won’t be able to make it, but I suggest showing up early and eating/hanging out at Rookies a block south and around the corner on Ferdinand.  Save your reciept for a free popcorn at the theater.

See past Link Excuses of the Week here.  To stay informed of future Dark Lodge showings like their Facebook page.

4 Replies to “Link Excuse of the Week: Dark Lodge in Columbia City”

  1. Best part is you get to see the real “Warriors” come out on the Link when riding back from the hood. Make sure to duck when you hear the pop pop

    1. Oh, goodie, Racist Troll is now offering film criticism! How’s that working out for you, Racist Troll?

      Anyway… Though The Warriors was a total Hollywood fantasy even in the heyday of depictions of “lawless New York”, I definitely appreciate Matt’s dry wit in taxonomizing the film.

  2. How do you all feel about the safety of walking back to Link at 11:00 at night when the movie is over?

    1. Ridiculous, people. ( I live here. ) Stop being such scared sheltered racist idiots. Or be informed ones, do your research, and realize you’d be in far more danger doing something late night downtown, Belltown, UDist or Cap Hill.

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