Tin Umbrella: 5600 Rainier Ave S Unit A, Seattle, WA 98118
Tin Umbrella: 5600 Rainier Ave S Unit A, Seattle, WA 98118

So this EotW is a bit further from Link  than most, but easily accessible by walking and transit and in a historic streetcar suburb that will hopefully have an infil station in ST3.

The Tin Umbrella, a cafe and South Seattle’s only coffee roaster, recently opened in the historic Hillman City neighborhood.  In order to celebrate the changing of the seasons and their first two months of operation this weekend they will be hosting a sidewalk native plant sale, a local wildlife photography art show and pastry exibition.  Click here for more details.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend, so if you don’t have any plans stop on by and check it out.

To get to the Tin Umbrella, walk east from Columbia City station to Rainier Ave S (.4m).  From there either walk the remaining .6m to Findlay and Rainier in Hillman City or at Edmonds and Rainier jump on one of the frequent 7s taking it three stops to Orcas and Rainer and then backtrack a block north.

While in the neighborhood (and if 21 or older) check out the semi-recently opened Spinnaker Bay Brewing a block south, Seattle’s only all women owned and operated brewery.

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At the risk of OTing my own post, this reminded of something I’m not sure is worth it’s own post so might as well go here.  First off, thanks to everyone that responded to Matt’s question about the (seeming) lack of female participation on the blog, both in the comments and via email.  One of the suggestions sent in via email would be to have more smaller/low key meetups.  Is that something people would be interested in.  Instead of a big event with speakers and whatnot, just a couple of the blog writers at a coffee shop?

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  1. I’m all for low-key mutually-humanizing chatter. Speakers always bias toward the tall, barring stadium seating; coffee-drinking levels the playing field.

  2. I’m for more meetups, period, and I’m quite fine with their being lower-key. I can’t always make time in my schedule to head over the lake to Seattle, so more meetups would mean a better chance I can make some of them. I imagine that women, especially mothers, would have that problem even more.

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