TryTransit4x6On top of the previously mentioned Wheel Options (make sure you are logging your trips at!) Transportation Choices Coalition has added their own rewards program for October.

Try Transit Month runs from October 1 – 31. Register for the challenge on the Try Transit Month challenge page. (Create a team if you want to, or participate solo.) Any time you ride public transportation during the month of October, log your trip on the challenge page.

After you log a few trips, you will be entered into daily drawings to win fabulous prizes, including preloaded Orca cards, theater and ballet tickets, Zipcar and car2go credit, and a grand prize of Seahawks tickets. (!!!)

Need some help getting on the bus? Transit Month organizers are planning  several group “busventures” to help you get your feet wet. And, we’ve also scheduled a number of other fun events (including Transit Trivia Night and a great Books on the Bus panel) to keep the transit theme going all month.

More details here.   While most of us likely already take alternatives to driving alone, it’s nice to be rewarded, and these campaigns can be a great way to nudge friends and coworkers to try a new commute.

2 Replies to “October is Rewards Month”

  1. I think it’s great that they’re doing this, but honestly I have become so disheartened by my experience with transit lately. It’s something I want to be able to use daily, but frankly, it has been stealing more of my time an energy than sitting in traffic does, and there is something wrong with that equation. Chronically late busses, 20-30 minute wait if I happen to miss one, inefficient routes with too many stops, etc.

    And trains whizzing by? Please…I live in Ballard.

    1. We definitely live in different neighborhoods, but I’ve had the opposite experience. If anything, I’ve missed more buses lately because they’ve been running early through the “estimated time” stops. With the latest service revision, routes I use got more trips (and later in the night, woo!) and bus drivers seem to be adhering more closely to the schedule. I’ve been really enjoying this latest update; then again, I’ve also really started to loathe driving.

      And trains whizzing by? I might can hear one someday if I listen closely to the direction of Northgate.

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