For those of you interested in Rail~Volution but unable to pay the $475 registration fee or unable to attend the entirety of the RailVolutionconference, Rail~Volution has a “Free Local Session” tomorrow from 2-5pm. The sessions will have  a TOD focus, and one in particular may be of interest to STB readers: “There is no TOD without the T: Making Funding Sustainable”. This session gives attendees the chance to hear state and county legislators speak on transit funding strategies in front of a decidedly pro-transit audience, including Pierce County Exec Pat McCarthy, Sen. Curtis King, Rep. Judy Clibborn, and County Councilmember Larry Phillips.

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2:00 pm–5:00 pm   SEATTLE LOCAL SESSION
Rail~Volution: Raise the Bar, Raise the Roof (2:00pm- 3:30pm)Back by popular demand, here’s your chance to be heard! Bend the ear of Rail~Volution CEO Dan Bartholomay: What’s working for you at Rail~Volution? What can work better? Last year’s Raise the Bar discussions energized the movement, the network and the event. Hear what changes have been made and be at the epicenter of Rail~Volution’s future. Challenge assumptions. Birth new ideas. Forge creative directions to build livable communities with transit of all modes and scales. Candor, passion and imagination required.FACILITATORS: Dan Bartholomay, Chief Executive Officer, Rail~Volution, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ron Stewart, AIA, Principal, ZGF Architects, LLP, Portland, Oregon

Reality Show: The Real Issues and Challenges of TOD
Transit-oriented development supplies its own drama and cast of characters. Just the basic question — If you build it, will they come? — is packed with cliffhangers. Join leading real estate developers and policy experts to hear true-life stories about projects that worked. Who are the partners who can help make your TOD project happen? What conditions are necessary to make transit-oriented development a success for the developer, the community and the transit agency? Real issues. Riveting plotlines. No tantrums.

MODERATOR: David Knowles
, Senior Transit Program Manager, CH2M Hill, Portland, Oregon
GB Arrington, Principal, GB Place Making, Portland, Oregon
Nadine Fogarty, Principal, Strategic Economics, Berkeley, California
Alan Hart, Principal, VIA Architecture and Planning, Seattle, Washington
Jeff Ordway, Department Manager, Property Development, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, Oakland, California
Kristin Ryan, Managing Director, Jonathan Rose Companies, Seattle, Washington

There’s No TOD Without the T: Making Funding Sustainable
As traditional sources of transportation funding – gas taxes, sales taxes, excise fees – become less reliable, transportation providers are exploring new ways to finance, maintain and operate their systems. From joint, public and privately-funded streetcars, to car-tab-financed local projects and regionally-funded high-capacity transit, hear from regional leaders and national experts about the lessons they’ve learned and what it means for the future of transportation funding in the central Puget Sound region.

, Chief Executive Officer, Transporation Issues Daily, Edmonds, Washington
Pat McCarthy, 
Executive at Pierce County, Tacoma, Washington
Judy Clibborn, State Representative, 41st Legislative District, Bellvue, Washington
Maud Daudon, President and Chief Executive Officer, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Seattle, Washington
Curtis King, State Senator, 14th Legislative District, Washington State, Olympia, Washington
David Gossett, Council Member, Snohomish County, Everett, Washington
Larry Phillips, Council Member, King County, Seattle, Washington

Building a Regional Equity Strategy Around Transportation
When it comes to equitable development, communities need to be at the center of the conversation. Only then can they remain strong and share the benefits of sustainable communities. The Federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities has fostered regional conversations about equitable development throughout the country. What lessons have they learned? What can local and national grantees, not to mention nonprofit funders and public health practitioners, tell us about transportation projects that hold equity as a core value and outcome. What silos have they shattered? What kinds of creative outreach and public engagement techniques can they share? Learn from their experiences to bring equitable development back to your community.

, Former Deputy Secretary, US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Seattle, Washington
Heidi Hall, Equity Network Manager, Impact Capital, Seattle, Washington
Mercedes Marquez, General Manager, Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department, Los Angeles, California
Dwayne Marsh, Senior Advisor, Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities, US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, DC
Rebecca Saldana, Program Director, Community Benefits and Development, Puget Sound Sage, Seattle, Washington
Rich Stolz, Executive Director, OneAmerica, Seattle, Washington
Glenn Harris, Race and Social Justice Initiative Manager, City of Seattle, Washington
Jennifer Martin, Director, Community Leadership, Seattle Foundation, Seattle, Washington

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