Transportation Choices Coalition is trying to organize the youngsters:

The Campus Transit Outreach Organizer will work with TCC, King County, University of Washington Transportation Services (UWTS) and other organizations to keep accurate and up to date on plans and processes for proposed King County bus cuts and timing associated with those cuts. They will in turn take that information and disseminate it to members of the UW community including, but not limited to, students, faculty, and staff at the main campus. Implement the outreach plan as outlined by TCC and UWTS…

Email your resume and cover letter by January 5th 2014 to Please include UW Outreach Organizer in subject line.

Applicants will be screened/interviewed as applications come in, so applying before the deadline is preferred.

College-age students are the sleeping giant for many environmental and urbanist issues with long time horizons, so I hope that TCC eventually expands this position beyond the specific issue of Metro cuts. If you meet the qualifications please consider this full-time paid opportunity.

4 Replies to “TCC is Hiring”

    1. Yes, and when driving from any point to any other point in the county is not available as an option we can start worrying about it.

    2. YES, by about 80% of all trips made. That’s why TCC (AltTrans) was formed. To chip away at that disparity between SOV’s and all other modes.
      mic – Co-Founder of TCC

  1. Might get more applicants, and definitely in a better frame of mind for times ahead, if stated purpose of this position is to keep cuts from happening in the first place.

    I see absolutely nothing to be gained for a transit advocacy organization to be helping a lame political system ameliorate the effects of its own laziness, cowardice, ineptitude, and blinkered vision. It would be better to let elected officials know in advance that we the electorate are holding them all, collectively and individually, responsible for whatever situation results from failure to maintain service.

    And help retain and elect people who will help us build the transit system we need, as well as dealing the opposite way with those who won’t.

    Martin, the belief that lets me get out of bed in the morning is just exactly that college-age people- which considering my class at Lake Washington Tech includes a pretty wide spectrum- will finally realize that their survival depends on their taking over this country’s political system from the precinct level on up.

    And considering the demonstrated spirit of the opposition we’ve long been facing, I don’t mind seeing us get out of bed in an extremely bad mood.

    Mark Dublin

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