Bus stop closures usually aren’t postworthy, but 3rd & Pine is a pretty big deal:

The bus stop northbound on 3rd Av just north of Pine St will be closed at all times from Monday, March 17 through Sunday, May 18, due to construction…

There will be no temporary stop. Board or exit affected buses at the previous stop northbound on 3rd Av just south of Union St, or at their next regular stop:

Don’t be surprised by this!

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  1. Great, now we get to wait at the pigeon-shit-laden Virginia Street stop.

    Glad that transit mall is working out so well for us!

    1. Kyle, you can always walk south to the stop at Union/University Street. It is a bigger stop than Virginia, and more of a professional crowd at this stop. Unfortunately construction needs to happen on occasion.

      It’ll be interesting to see if Metro is giving us operators an early heads up about this so we can make announcements on our buses. Somehow I doubt it though. I’ll print this and bring it to work with me today and tomorrow so I can make the announcements on the 16 to start giving people something more of a heads up.

      1. Totally unacceptable that a bus operator has to do this and that they aren’t posting signs already.

      2. I thought people at base never knew about stuff like this. Heck it takes two months for them to learn of any system-wide change. It took about that long for bus operators to learn that you could load or unload bicycles downtown when the RFA was in effect.

      3. This is my stop in the evenings. There are signs at the stop but they just recently appeared. They did a better job of getting the word out about the initially scheduled closing that was supposed to happen last month.

  2. I bet if Martin just said the worst bus stop in the entire county will be closed for a day, we’d all know which one he was talking about.

    1. Also it’s closed for two months. At first glance I also misread it as a one day closure.

      1. Me too: partially wishful thinking, but previous closures at this stop have been shorter, i.e. one day or one weekend.

        I don’t know if this one will be less or more painful than the previous ones. Less because I know about it; more because it really, really breaks down the Capitol Hill -> Freenwood trips for a good while.

  3. That is the most disgusting bus stop. So, I am not going to cry about it. We usually get out earlier than get out there with the drug addicts and really creepy people. Something needs to be done about downtown. That corner is gross and smells like pee.

    1. Are you thinking of 3rd & Pike? 3rd & Pine Northbound is a lot calmer in my experience – even more so since the 358 became the E and the stop moved a block south.

  4. Neithe the bus stop N or the bus stop S are safe.

    Especially for women

    What guy thought this was a good idea?

    1. And 3rd and Pine is safe? You’re the first person to tell me it’s safer than 3rd and Union!

  5. From SDOT, one of the elements is: “New sidewalk paving with “smog eating” photocatalytic material”.
    WOW, sidewalks that eat smog. Now that’s worth a couple of months right there.
    Don’t tell LA, they’ll tear the place up.

  6. I wish they would do something with that bus stop. There is way too much bus traffic on third avenue. I drive my wife to work everyday, and these buses are in the way. It makes it difficult to quickly maneuver into and out of the downtown area. Why not just just have all the buses terminate at convention place or a combination of terminals a few blocks from downtown. it’s not a far walk for most riders.

    1. 3rd Avenue has always or at least for the last 20 years or so been a bus avenue. There are even permanent no regular vehicle signs all along the avenue from 6 – 9am and 3 – 6 pm. Non-bus vehicles are not supposed to be on 3rd Ave except for one block where you must turn. Maybe instead of complaining about the buses you need to take your vehicle off 3rd Avenue. The construction of the downtown transit tunnel was originally put in specifically to address all the bus traffic on 3rd Avenue.

    2. Third Avenue is a bus mall. There is supposed to be lots of bus traffic on it. I don’t think you’ll find a lot of sympathy for making the 43% of downtown commuters who use the bus walk all the way from the edges of downtown so that your car trip gets a bit quicker.

    3. What times are you driving her to work and are you driving on 3rd or other streets?

      In the first few years (starting in 2005?) when 3rd was made transit-only during rush hours it seemed police really cracked down on drivers being on 3rd when they weren’t supposed to be. In recent years I guess there are less resources. I’ll cross 3rd in the morning rush hour and see endless cars going down 3rd. Occasionally police will pull a car over, but the vast majority seem to get away with it.

      That stop closure is a bit annoying for me because there are times I’ll decide (at the last minute) to hop on a local 26/28 instead of going down into the westlake tunnel entrance (or catch a 66). That flexibility will be gone for awhile.

    4. My troll sense is tingling.

      Otherwise you are foolish to come to a transit blog and tell us that you want 100,000 people to have a further walk to work from their bus so your wife can be dropped off in front of her work.

      1. Linda, Sound Transit has over 100k boardings per day, the majority of it’s service being to and from DT. Then add in Metro. Then add in Community Transit. Then add in the WSF.

        Where are you getting the 40k number?

        PS, no one with your name is in the ST directory and you have the same IP as John More above, and another poster who got OT’ed. I’m suspecting sockpuppetry.

      2. Matthew,

        My suspicion is that the same person is calling themselves Dave Suarez, Diane Evans, John More, and now Linda. Please investigate…

  7. To my knowledge, the Rapid Ride C line doesn’t stop at “Union/University Street”, so where would one get off the bus to go to Benaroya Hall?

    1. RapidRide C and D never served the closed stop. They are stopping as normal at Pike Street.

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