GTC_OWTBack for the fourth year, the MLK Business Association is running it’s Plate of Nations event.  Similar to last year’s event all participating restaurants will offer $15 and 25$ shareable entrees.  Grab a passport, get your stamps, and qualify for fun drawings.  Proceeds will go to the Rainier Valley Food Bank.

Thai Palms, Joy Palace, Bananas Grill, St. Dames, Rainier BBQ, Cafe Ibex, Olympic Express and Original Philly’s all return, with new additions being Huarachitos, Huong Duong, and Othello Wok & Teriyaki.

Not all of these restaurants are as exotic as the theme suggests, but they’re all inexpensive. Bananas Grill and St. Dames are both former LEOTWs, and Rainier BBQ was on the Travel Channel, Huarachitos was recently written up in the Stranger, and Joy Palace is my family’s go to Dim Sum spot in the Valley.


Sometime in the next couple of weeks (the event runs until April 5th) jump on Link and check them out.

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