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  1. I’ve just uploaded 2 Seattle Transit timetables a 1970 version of the 7 RAINIER and a 1972 copy of the 42 EMPIRE WAY schedule to a Flickr account.

    The 7 route hasn't changed much since 1970: the Graham and Rose Street turnbacks are no longer used, the Henderson Street turnback has been created and ~10 minute headways are still the same.

    The 42 route and schedule, however, is completely different. Link and routes 8, 36, 106 and 107 have taken over service on the old 42 corridor.

    Let me know how this works (requests are welcome). Feel free to offer tech comments, too.

    1. This is great! You should really create new post with this stuff because these comments will eventually get buried.

    2. This is really great! When I was in Seattle during the summer of 1980 I remember there was a Metro route that operated on weekends only, making a circular route to the most popular city parks. I also remember the 43 going all the way to Golden Gardens.

  2. I was planning to start a blog on transport in SnoCo, but I might as well post stuff here instead. Expect articles with tons of in-line references illustrated sparingly with photos taken by a point-and-shoot camera.

    Thanks for setting this up, Frank (and other STB staff)!

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