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I used the ETA system today
Photo of New Everett Transit Sign by Author

As some may have noticed, Everett Transit has now instituted the ETA hotline.  You can either dial 1-425-257-7777, then hit 1 to enter your stop number or you can dial 1-425-312-6329 then type in your Everett Transit # or text the Everett Transit Bus Stop # to 1-425-312-6329 to get real-time arrivals of your next Everett Transit bus.

Having just last Friday used the service, it’s much appreciated when one doesn’t have WiFi or a cell data plan (if you do, get the OneBusAway app – just do it) to know when to expect your bus.  Especially when the bus is on an hourly schedule and you’re a half-hour early having gotten off of the Community Transit SWIFT.  I sincerely wish other transit networks – like Skagit Transit, Island Transit (assuming I.T. survives the coldest political winter in its history) and Community Transit would license the ETA technology.

Very nicely done Everett Transit!

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  1. You might as well say the same thing about One Bus Away to the transit agencies that don’t have this type of service. One Bus Away is open source.

    The MTA in New York has a whole set of information on its web site about what they are doing, including a set of developer documentation:

    The basic set of information on what they are doing
    says “The result is a system that delivers great results to our customers while being highly cost-effective, fast to deploy, simple to maintain and operate, and supports expansions in the future as time and money allow.”

    TriMet had to expend quite a lot of effort adapting its 1980s telephone based system into its TransitTracker. At one point during that period I rode the bus fairly regularly with one of the TriMet software developers working on the various issues and it was quite clear it was going to be an involved process.

    Today, with open source software, it is no longer necessary for transit agencies to go through any of that.

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