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(Figured I’d Photoshop a little RQ-21 Blackjack drone photo of mine since Island Politics is reading us and TVW’s doing a special on drones tonight at 7:30 PM.   Named the drone Sandy after a dear friend.)

Avgeek photography fun aside, figured I’d post some hyperlinks from recent days with comments below:

  • Island Politics: Good Advice for Island Transit’s Recovery from Seatlle
    (Much appreciate.  Sometimes comment threads actually work out for the best, and happy to help.)
  • Stanwood Camano News Editorial: Time to get taxpayers back on board
    (An editorial ignorant of quite a few realities.  Not the least of which was Martha Rose’s loss of confidence from so many of Island County’s leaders.  Also calling for a restoration of 412C – the Camano to Everett Connector out of Island Transit internal funds, and re-hire all 24 Island Transit employees and “reinstate the bus routes that were discontinued on Whidbey Island as soon as fiscally responsible” doesn’t sound like setting priorities within revenue to save Island Transit.  Please remember Island Transit is using its full sales tax authority and is in a structural deficit with a route restructure underway.  Also “were discontinued” is in the passive voice.)
  • Whidbey News-Times Editorial: Now that Rose is gone, it’s time to focus on change | In Our Opinion
    (Agree: “The first step should be to remove the sign that says “Rose Room” on the conference room door at the IT’s new facility south of Coupeville. … While it may only be a symbolic gesture, getting rid of that symbol of arrogance would be a welcome sign that change is afoot. The next step should be to educate the public about the importance of maintaining public transportation on Whidbey Island.” )
  • Community Transit Sprouts New Services this week
    (Community Transit’s adding 7,500 hours of new bus service, while efficiency changes redistribute 6,000 additional service hours.  Details at the link)

Re comments: The Seattle Transit Blog tech team is working on getting me un-spammed so yours truly can comment.  I do have a backup plan if by 2000 Hours (10 PM) they can’t get it fixed to get back to you.  Your comments have helped shape dialogue, inspired blog posts up in Oak Harbur (typo intentional) and help keep the debate honest.    Please share our links and work here at STB with whomever you’d like with a cite.

5 Replies to “North by Northwest 21: Transit Developments Up Here…”

  1. Island Transit sends it’s Road Support staff daily to remove any literature posted which brings a different point of view other then theirs. This waste of time and payroll to remove postings from public places, not just where Island Transit posts their own propaganda at bus stops. They also wanted to bring criminal charges against a former employee (Bobby M) for posting on a facebook page which updated the public on the condition of Island Transit but they are letting the reinstated finance manger blast her opinion at everyone via Island Transit’s email and letterhead. Always the rule of common sense and professionalism does not apply at Island Transit

    1. Clif;

      Thanks for once again telling it like it is in the failed public agency that is Island Transit. I feel bad for Bobby and hope more Scott Studley will be dispensed onto Island Transit.

      At least tomorrow Island Transit will no longer suffer a senior insubordinate Commie!

    2. I know of one employee there who was called into Roses office just for hitting the Like button on my comments. One of the Internet spies at IT felt the need to report this person..

      1. Bob;

        I am not surprised at this point. The progressives just got to run their own little transit empire without any watchdoggery until we were THISCLOSE to midnight. Midnight – bankruptcy – might still happen.

        BTW, I know County is spelled with a C not a G. But need to make clear I’m logged out of WordPress when I comment until the STB Tech Team literally un-spams me.

      2. I don’t know that I would blame what happened on those involved being ‘progressive’. Seems more like empire building with little outside oversight which can happen no mater what the political leanings of those responsible.

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