Monday is the deadline to register to vote, something you can do online. Beyond the vote on Seattle funding more Metro service hours, November’s ballot will decide many seats in the legislature, which will shape the prospects for Sound Transit 3 and many other priorities for transit and urbanism. Make sure you’re registered!

2 Replies to “Register to Vote This Weekend”

  1. Would really like some ideas, Martin, from you and everybody else, as to how to persuade young people to get seriously into politics aimed at taking over two lame and impaired parties from the bottom- the path to the real political power. And/or starting one or two new parties of their own, if they’re incurably allergic to cleaning out moldy school basements.

    It’s like the “boots on the ground” certain politicians are promising not to use lately- with same likely results when absent. Facebook and street demonstrations are more like drones and jets- serious occupation duty has to leave bootprints. Like the ones the Southern Democrats left all over the Republican Party that used to do things like create Metro Transit.

    One thought of mine is a serious, determined campaign to reset the voting age at 16- big factor in the almost hundred percent turnout week or two back in Scotland.

    Am I right that someone can be “tried as an adult” for murder at 14?
    Can’t figure out why someone, or their attorney, hasn’t demanded that since someone can become an adult by committing a really horrible crime, there has to be a similar or stronger path to adulthood by doing something intensely good. Like an effort to learn and practice government firsthand.

    Political parties in European countries have their own “youth wings”: creating long-term ground troops for the party, and going into sending citizens into adult life understanding how to put ideas into governing instruments, and getting elected to implement them.

    Rather than greeting every election with so much disgust that it’s not worth the spit to lick a stamp. Have a feeling that’s what our founders favored- albeit at first for rich white men only. Good thing contagion isn’t always evil.

    Mark Dublin

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