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Indeed, this is a tale of two Island Transit Board Members in Jim Campbell and Bob Clay.  One of whom graciously recursed himself from the Island Transit Board, the other decided to attack the media.

First, Oak Harbor Councilmember Jim Campbell who decided to recurse himself from the Island Transit Board so Mayor Scott Dudley could be the permanent representative until 31 December with great class and dignity as per the below video:

I clipped away from the video the many minutes of minutiae parliamentary i-dotting and t-crossing to ensure a legal & professional change of representation maneuver.  You can watch these maneuvers on the City of Oak Harbor website starting about a minute inA formal letter by the City on the 22nd is issued.

Then there’s Island Transit Boardmember & Emergency Director Bob Clay representing the Town of Coupeville attacking the media.  When asked to provide context to the below rant, he declined:

Mr. Clay’s recent attack on the media without spelling out what the “misconceptions of what really is going on” are frankly is unhelpful.  It’s unhelpful for Island Transit employees, watchdogs (of which he’s supposed to be one) and the media.  Unhelpful from a  media perspective as it creates the presumption Mr. Clay has contempt for his fellow watchdogs.  Unhelpful as clearly when Island Transit went into the red for several days in September, there is a serious structural deficit in Island Transit.

As certainly many are aware, at 0900 Hours (9 AM) Friday at Island Transit HQ, Island Transit will have a special meeting on an executive director and the Washington State Auditor’s Office (SAO) will be giving an exit conference into their findings into Island Transit – the updated agenda is on Scribd.  A senior SAO official in the Bellingham branch kindly informed your correspondent there is no scheduled public comment, once the first business item is addressed the board will get a formal presentation (probably no PowerPoint slides though) of their findings, discussion will depend on questions from the board and there will be no public comment period as per the agenda on Scribd which as per RCW 42.30.080 means only the items on the agenda are actionable.  It is also worth noting one Island Transit Board Member has publicly said there will be State Auditor’s Office findings into Island Transit for financial health and not having records available for starters.  So please make a hole for me as I will need a seat, then get on Island Transit Route 1 to the Clinton Ferry Dock to the Future of Flight (a potential write-up in of itself, eh?).

Now this clip from “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” just might be relevant to Bob Clay:

It would be no surprise if this kind of behavior exhibited itself Friday at 0900 Hours at Island Transit Headquarters during the Island Transit Special Meeting on the State Auditor’s Office Exit Conference.  If so, it’ll definitely be on video.

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