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State Senator Barbara Bailey, R, 10th LD

Just wanted to reassure all my readers that Senator Barbara Bailey is on the Island Transit county connector case.  One of Senator Bailey’s aides reached out yesterday to assure me, the County Connectors are Senator Bailey’s “number one transportation priority” and is very much working with Representative Dave Hayes on kick-starting Island Transit, Version 2.0.

Today the Everett Herald kindly quoted the State Senator as saying in support of Rep. Hayes’ rescue, “We as a state realize Island Transit is trying very hard to recover,” she said. “I think the time has come for them to charge fares. The cost of operating a transit system that is very much needed needs to be shared by everyone.”

I’m sure the Senator would agree with this archived Seattle Transit Blog post by Roger Valdez, one of Seattle’s intelligentsia, defending the virtue of fares:

The flawed logic comes home to roost when you consider that if we simply stopped charging for transit at the fare box—essentially creating a system wide “free ride zone”—then all those other taxes we pay would get more expensive to make up the difference. Sure, prices at the fare box have gone up, but abolishing them would mean all the other times we pay for transit would just get more expensive.

I would suggest to the We Won’t Pay folks that it is “free” that got us into this mess in the first place. The idea—as suggested on the We Won’t Pay website—that society and the economy should provide “Everything for Everyone” is what has driven government policy for the last 6 decades.

One would hope now Senator Curtis King (Republican) could please support this State House amendment to the transportation budget.  Please.

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