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I happened upon this sign while visiting SafeCo Field today. Some interesting problems with this sign, mostly as a result of it being dated.

– It refers to CenturyLink Field as Qwest Field.
– The Greyhound Bus Terminal is in the wrong location (it moved!)
– Chihuly Garden and Glass  (currently the #1 thing to do in Seattle on Trip Advisor) is nowhere to be found.
– The MOHAI is missing too (#23 on Trip Advisor).
– It designates the “Ride Free Area” for buses, which no longer exists.
– It tells you where buses run and roughly how often, but gives no indicator of where these buses go.

You may think of this as nitpicking a sign (and I am!), but it may be useful to think about what is the purpose for this sign. In 2015, the only folks who really need this sign are folks that don’t have smartphones — locating the Greyhound Bus Terminal in the wrong location could be quite catastrophic for someone trying to find it to catch a bus. Likewise, telling a visitor to town that you can ride buses for free downtown could cause them an expensive ticket (if they got on the RapidRide buses, as an example).

Who does this sign belong to? I’m guessing some department of the city of Seattle? What are the goals of signs like these in 2015, and are they meeting them? And how can they be kept up to date in a fast developing city like Seattle?

10 Replies to “Does This Sign Belong to You? If so, could it be updated?”

  1. Whoever put up this sign evidently does not think it is important to update it.

  2. SDOT is in charge of those wayfinding signs. I’d send them a message to remind them.

    I know they’re still being updated. I noted that the map closest to Stadium station had CenturyLink field marked with the correct name and the Greyhound station marked in the correct location.

    1. But they look awful and are hard to decipher, even when the info is correct. It’s past time for a complete do-over.

  3. Also, walking from Safeco Field to Stadium Station, I noticed the wayfinding signs completely fail to mention that Stadium Station exists. There’s one of those nice wooden arrow signs telling you which way to walk to all kinds of things. Except transit.

    1. Is Safeco Field the baseball stadium? I went there (for the first time) last week and saw a couple signs for Link. I didn’t follow them all the way, though, because I was carpooling with some friends.

      1. Yes it is. That’s good to hear. I didn’t see any and must have missed them (or they were on the other side of the stadium).

      2. Where were you, exactly, that you didn’t see any signs for Stadium Station? I know the easiest gate to get to from there is center field via Royal Brougham…

  4. Ah yes: “West Edge” “Retail Core”. Sigh. How about “Downtown”? Does the Retail Core really extend all the way to Yesler? Could 4 out of 5 people tell you what or where West Edge is? “Duwamish” is another not-really-a-neighborhood. While we’re at it, let’s label it “Uptown/Lower Queen Anne” to reflect reality. And, upper case letters on names, please!

  5. Yeah, um, never heard of west edge or uptown Seattle. I think whoever made this has possibly never been to Seattle. Pretty sure by Duwamish they mean “SoDo”. Yesler Terrace is missing. Pike/Pine is not a neighborhood. “retail core” ???? just .. *sigh*

    What’s up with only the main branch library too, there’s a big empty hole where the Cap Hill branch is.
    No Children’s Museum, and no Seattle Rep. marker at “seattle center”.

    I also believe that “South Lake Union” is really called.. “Lake Union”. The body of water doesn’t have neighborhoods…

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