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I have a new proposal for the 11 E Madison bus based on the BRT idea of running every other bus to past 23rd Ave East. How about running the 11 as is alternating with the 12? The 11 would run from Madison Park to the Pike/Pine corridor downtown and the 12 would do a coast to coast run on Madison.

I would even go further suggesting that the 12 if not both 11 and 12 become trolley buses. The current 12 uses trolley buses on the downtown hills. I realize that some man not like trolley buses on east end of Madison and this may not be possible without additional funding!

Given the frequency that Metro is talking about with Prop One funding the 11 and 12 would at least run every 30 minutes and possibly more during peak hours which is being funded by Seattle’s Bridge the Gap.

This proposal gives access to the downtown business area and to Light Rail with a two plus block walk on Broadway. This would also give us the 10 and 11 to handle traffic to the Community College.

This idea does not preclude the BRT replacing the new 12 in the future. So what do you think of this idea and do you have any ideas on how to solve the Denny problem on the 8.

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  1. If these proposed 11 and 12 are running at 30 minute headways, then Madison Street would only see 2 buses per hour from the waterfront to 14th Avenue. If one end of Madison is going to get shortchanged, it should be the east end, not the west end.

    1. A possible solution for that: In addition to Reg’s plan, add the 49-Broadway-Madison. Pike/Pine would still get the 10 and 11, and lower Madison would get every-ten-minute service; only middle Madison would be relegated to thirty-minute buses. This sounds like a decent plan to me.

      1. That’s a plan that looks good on paper but I worry that Broadway between Madison and Pine is going to be a major bottleneck once the streetcar starts running. Northbound, It may take 3 or more cycles for the streetcar to get through the Union Street stop and another 3 cycles to get through the Pine Street stop. Imagine being on a 49 stuck behind the streetcar.

      2. The idea is that there are two destinations West on Madison and the Pike/Pine shopping district. My idea serves both and everyone up to 16th Ave east where the two buses split would have 15 minute service all day with Prop One funding.

        What I’m suggesting is that Metro take the available hours that would go for the 11 and use it to serve both corridors. Based on a meeting with Metro yesterday it seems both areas have to be served and that Metro’s newest alternative does not have a seamless transfer on their proposed all Madison. The problem is Broadway with a bike lane, and a street car using one car lane each direction.

        Given the frequency suggested for March 2016 why wouldn’t this plan work until Broadway is fixed or bus usage changes due to Light Rail?

  2. By throwing frequency out as a consideration, you can connect everywhere to everywhere. But in practice, almost nobody will use horribly infrequent service.

    1. Brent,

      I beg to differ with you we have lived with infrequent service for decades on Madison. Given the Prop One funding and the LR plans this plan can work since it services the needs of everyone going east and west on Madison and East from Pike/Pine to Madison.

      This is much better that having people cross multiple arterial to try to get transfers to get to their desired destination.

      1. Brent,

        I would be willing to bet that my plan will increase bus usage from the the East Madison Corridor, not reduce it.

      2. Sure, it’s hard to fail if your standard is “does it suck worse than the current situation, or does it only suck differently”; but suck is unavoidable any time you start talking about 30-minute headways.

      3. Sorry to say you’re missing the whole idea of satisfying two sets of users of the bus going west on Madison.I know what sucks every time I ride the 11 E Madison and I’ve know it for decades.

        I also know that no plan proposed by myself, Metro or Dave Lawson solves the 11 problem with one bus!

        So I Brent, are you a user of the 11 and if yes then what do you start and stop on the current 11.

      4. Might be a little late, but if it helps at all Reg: I’m a frequent user of the 11, starting at 23rd and ending at Pike/9th. For me, that’s the biggest problem with changing the 11 to all-Madison. It takes away getting to Pike/Pine from the CD except via going downtown to the 512 or 545 (of all things) and then walking up the hill, or a three-bus connection from, say, the current/proposed 48 to the proposed 8 to the proposed 10 or 12.

  3. I need to clarify one point, the 12 that I’m referring to is not the 12 that is in Metro’s latest proposal. Nor is the 12 that is in David Lawson’s alternative.

    Maybe it would be better to call them 11 Madison and 11 Pike/Pine.

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