Northwest Folklife 2015

Monday, May 25 is Memorial Day.

King County Metro, Pierce Transit, Everett Transit, Intercity Transit, the South Lake Union Streetcar, the West Seattle Water Taxi, and Sound Transit will be operating on Sunday schedules (which means no Sounder).

Washington State Ferries will be adding trips on select routes, so check your particular route’s schedule.

Community Transit will not be in service, hopefully for the second-to-last time ever (with the last time hopefully being Sunday, May 31). Sunday service resumes on June 7 after 5 years of no CT Sunday bus service.

In addition to Sounder and Community Transit, Kitsap, Mason, Jefferson, Clallam, Skagit, Whatcom, and Island Transit will not be in service on Memorial Day. The Vashon King County Water Taxis will also not be in service.

Bucking this trend will be the Monorail, which will be open regular weekday hours, 7:30-11:00, well beyond the hours of the Northwest Folklife Festival.

Also, Sounder will be serving the Sounders match vs. Sporting Kansas City this Saturday, arriving in town ca. 5:00, and departing ca. 9:30. First kick is set for 7:00.

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  1. Hey, wouldn’t it make sense to have Sounder doing a couple of trips during Folklife (and Bumbershoot)?

    (Don’t bother responding….BNSF contracts, fees, etc, etc, etc.

    There’s always a reason why things shouldn’t work as they should around here.)

      1. I used to get a multigame Sonics package and going in to get to the Key, I took the reverse Sounder, and still had to catch a 16 bus through traffic.

        Coming back, the games seemed to end just as bus service started to degrade and the 150 moved to the surface meaning hanging out in the crowds outside Walgreens. Long trip back.

    1. Oops I meant the 2 mile slog after you’ve gone to king street station. But there’s plenty of buses for that even on Sunday schedule. Weekend sounder service would be nice.

      1. I was racking my brain to think if there are any buses that go from Seattle Center to King Street Station. Even the venerable RapidRide D gets nowhere near Amtrak, a travesty within itself. Then I remembered the good ol’ route 1.

      2. Sounder will be serving the Sounders match against Sporting KC this Saturday evening, getting into town ca. 5:00, and departing ca. 9:30. First kick is at 7:00, or so. That gives everyone coming in time to grab a bite to eat, get to the pre-celebration in Occidental Park, and participate in the March to the Match.

        Friday (today) is regular weekday service.

      3. The 16, 28, and E-line come pretty close, and the undercrossing of Aurora is a lot better than it was a few years ago.

        Walking is another option. You can walk along the waterfront and take the Thomas St. overpass, bypassing nearly all of the stoplights. Probably about 45 minutes, though, depending on one’s walking speed.

    2. I agree. Sounder should run into Seattle on weekends — it is silly not to, considering the traffic that exists between Seattle and Tacoma on a typical weekend. I know a lot of those people wouldn’t take Sounder, but if a small percentage do, it would be worth the cost.

      1. But what would be the right time to bring the largest crowd in (if there is no matinee sporting event), and the right time to head out?

      2. Seems like all they’d have to do is send out the Sound Transit mascot and a fan-dressed pollster into the stadium to ask the good folks for a minute of their time.

  2. It seems the Monorail caught on and will be matching actual ridership for Folklife.

    1. And they really are trying to get permission to join the ORCA pod, so you don’t have to pay for a full separate ticket after getting free transfers within a 2-hour window getting to Westlake.

  3. I have always wondered why there couldn’t be more rather than less public transit available on busy go-out-and-do-stuff-type holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. Thanksgiving and Christmas, on the other hand, could in most instances do with less, if any service at all in some areas.

  4. I’m really curious to see if car2go and Pronto bike share will take some of the strain off buses from Folklife this year! I saw that car2go had a car drop-off spot at folklife — I wonder if they’ll also try to keep a pool of cars available there (i.e. not immediately redistributing them), maybe even encouraging ad hoc ridesharing (you’re going to cap hill? you’re going to cap hill? you were both trying Appalachian clogging an hour ago? GREAT!).

  5. (following up, just because I am such a power-rider of the 8 bus)

    The one that departed after the last show on Sunday (10 pm) beat walking very slightly — it passed as we were shuffling up Denny, and people looked comfortably seated!

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