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Here in Nikon D5300 Minature Mode is Historic Flight Foundation at 10 AM On Paine Field Aviation Day at 10 AM
My aerial photo: Here in Nikon D5300 Miniature Mode is Historic Flight Foundation at 10 AM On Paine Field Aviation Day at 10 AM^

Figure since many of you in the Seattle Transit Blog comments have some concerns about future Paine Field transit service and in particular light rail… let me give you some updates:

  • Beacon Publishing is doing a survey on transportation with emphasis on the proposed Paine Field passenger terminal.  Some would say supporting a commercial terminal at Paine Field means supporting light rail to Paine Field…
  • Today, and I’m sure this will be covered more thoroughly on Page One, Sound Transit has a new website for ST3.  One part is a survey on what projects for ST3.  If you have an agenda you want to accomplish or help accomplish*… vote and ditto at the upcoming meetings where other local transit agencies will also participate such as the 18 June meeting at Everett Station which I will attend.
  • The Everett Herald kindly posted an update on conversations the Future of Flight and Community Transit are having about weekend transit service to Future of Flight as an initial hydration to the transit desert.  As I said to the Everett Herald, “The Future of Flight deserves a fair slice of service and this is a significant step in that direction.”  I don’t think light rail is that “fair slice of service” any longer but feel the Future of Flight, the #1 tourism destination for Snohomish County with 777.8 daily visitors – many of which international who rely on mass transit back home – needs a “fair slice of service”.  Another option I am now proposing is for that “fair slice of service” being an express bus route from Seaway Transit Center at the east end of the Boeing Paine Field campus to Future of Flight and then Community Transit Route 113…

There you go.


^Yes, I write long photo titles :-).  I also wanted an aerial photo that showed more than the Future of Flight.  Below Historic Flight Foundation/HFF will be a major park & ride in a few years.
*Help accomplish like light rail to Ballard, I just expect support for more, better bus service to all Paine Field tenants in return from you commentors.

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  1. What is the latest on potential commercial service at Paine Field? Is that dead?

    1. Nope, the airport terminal purveyor is trying to recruit airlines. We’re all standing by…

  2. Eight hundred people, Joe? Even if transit gets 25% of the visitors — and that would be pretty amazing frankly — that’s only two hundred trips per day. Is there anything else between the Future of Flight and the transit center?

    If not, then I think it’s kind of a lost cause.

    1. 200 trips per day is a heckuva lot more than the grocery store or a lot of other places.

      As in:

      a) The mean boardings for the Mukilteo Terminal on the CT 113 are only 131 people.
      b) The mean boardings for the stop at the base of the hill before Future of Flight are 24. Some of that’s Future of Flight without any marketing campaign to use transit.
      c) Just wait for the infographic in July.

      Now to answer your question, I hear there’s a Sno-Isle facility between the two that Mukilteo Mayor Gregorsen would like service for.

      As to your lost cause silly comment…

      We’re not asking for light rail – that’s a lost cause.
      We’re not asking for service permanently.
      We’re just asking for alternating runs on the weekend as a trial.

      Geeze you have to snipe at that?

      1. Do you want to extend or re-route an existing CT or ET line? Or would this be a totally separate line? If so, between FoF and where? Everett Mall TC? 128th Station? Lynnwood TC? Downtown Everett?

        If a and it’s a closeby line, then great; if b, it’s not a good idea.

      2. Actually Anandakos there’s a better plan that I need to flesh out…

        Namely have a express route linking the Seaway Transit Center to Future of Flight to Route 113.

        I’ve learned tonight Community Transit has made its decision: Route 113 stays as is.

        Seaway Transit Center will have Swift II but no link to the Mukilteo Multimodal Terminal plus Seaway Transit Center is on the wrong side of Paine Field to help Mukilteo out. The way I see it is a connection to Future of Flight and Mukilteo is only fair – and how we’re going to sweeten Mukilteo into backing the Community Transit levy lid. It’ll be worth the wait.


      3. Oh, OK, I see. The Seaway TC, which is an ET facility. So it would be an ET bus.

        I have to say it seems pretty weak tea to me. Seaway TC is served by the ET 8, which runs (about) once an hourexcept during the peak hours. It already has a “tail” down to Evergreen Way and Airport Road where connections can be made to CT.

        So there’s no way to “extend” the 8 to FoF; you’ll need a separate coach. Assuming you do get a 25% mode split (I’m being very generous; it’s the ‘burbs after all) you’ll have 200 riders spread over 10 trips per day, assuming 8 AM to 6 PM operating hours.

        Now that’s actually not terrible but looking at the map it’s essentially a subsidized express service for one destination. If fares can be made appropriate to that sort of custom service or the facility chip in for a good part of the operating cost, sure, why not?

        But it’s not a general purpose bus route of actual use to the citizens of Everett unless a few of them work there.

      4. The Seaway Transit Center will be a Community Transit facility.

        Also, according to Community Transit, “Community Transit is awaiting state approval to fund the Seaway Transit Center near Paine Field, which would consolidate Community, Everett and Metro Transit buses serving Boeing and other nearby businesses. This transit center would also serve as the northern terminal for a second Swift Bus Rapid Transit line, which is in the planning stages.”

        Furthermore, by the time that facility comes online – the Mukilteo Multimodal Terminal with buses, ferries and yes $ounder North will come online. There will need to be a link between the two – so this would not be a “subsidized express service”.

        I hate the wait of 3-5 years for Future of Flight. But the express line will no longer be about one museum – a museum that some (not you) have decided to pick on for raising our hand and asking for help.

      5. Actually Anandakos you’re helping me flesh out what I need to write in about a week or so.

  3. The 113 wouldn’t even need to alternate diversions to serve the Future of Flight. If they could expand the run time a bit (which, admittedly, is currently a solid 45 minutes) they could divert up 84th to Paine Field Blvd and only miss one stop northbound and two southbound 92nd and 88th. I have a hard time believing those two stops have as many boardings – even on weekdays, let alone on weekends – as the Future of Flight would generate.

    (What’s more, if it’s felt really important, a new stop could be put in on Paine Field Blvd opposite 88th or 92nd, less than a thousand feet away from the existing stops. People would probably consider the crossing unsafe from the northbound side, but that problem can be solved much more easily than starting a new bus route or sending out Link.)

  4. I still think that the Future of Flight would be best served by a community shuttle between the museum and other major transportation hubs nearby, but the museum seems to be completely opposed to that.

    The problem with the 113 is that it takes a pretty circuitous route to serve the Swift line and the Lynnwood TC… which isn’t great for passengers.

    But it seems that the detour of 113 to serve the Future of Flight is being made out to seem like bigger deal than it is.

    From my rough calculation… the bus could be rerouted to use 84th St SW, 44th Ave W and 88th St SW… and serve a stop at the corner of 84th St SW & 44th Ave W. The beauty of that routing is that you don’t have to skip any stops on Mukilteo Speedway.

    Here’s a map:

    That should add less than 5 minutes to the running time of the 113 and put passengers within a 4 minute/<1/4 mile walk to the Future of Flight.

    From there it would take another 5 minutes to make a loop in front of the Future of Flight. Again no stops have to be missed on Mukilteo Speedway.

    Here's a map:

    I'd be more inclined to support the first route… it strikes a nice balance between serving the Future of Flight, without adding a lot of travel time for passengers who aren't going there.

    Thoughts? Am I completely wrong or missing something?

      1. BRILLIANCE.


        I would like a shuttle from the Seaway Transit Center too, but this can do until then. YES!

        There already is a bus stop for the Everett Transit express already built. Why not this? Why not next service change? Why not us?

      1. The one were the bus makes a loop in front of the Future of Flight?
        Yeah, I’m not thrilled with that one either.

        I’ve never been on the ground in this area. Is that walk from 84th St SW & 44th Ave W to the Future of Flight relatively easy? It looks like the area has good sidewalks.

        The only major hurdles I could see with this plan is… you’d need to build another southbound stop at Hwy 525 & 84th St SW and it would probably be a good idea to upgrade the stops at 84th St SW & 44th Ave W.

      2. Ricky,

        I don’t think we’d need to build another southbound stop with one already so close, but yeah the Future of Flight Foundation Board might want to chip in at some point beautifying the stops at 84th St SW & 44th Ave W.

        I think we’re really close to a win-win solution here that has minimal fiscal impact versus the massive strategic change that will come. A few extra minutes and one more dogleg for Mukilteo is not going to kill anybody, take away transit service – quite the opposite, and so what if the schedule is a few extra minutes to salute the #1 tourist provider in Snohomish County paying into Community Transit and Sound Transit?


      3. You would need to build a new stop because the current stop is at Mukilteo Speedway and the far side of 84th St SW (after the bus would have needed to make its turn).
        That means you need to either:
        *Relocate the current stop/shelter to Mukilteo Speedway and the near side of 84th St SW (it would have to be placed mid block to give the 113 enough distance to enter the left turn pocket).
        *Leave the current stop/shelter (to serve routes 417 & 880) and build a new stop on 84th St SW at the far side of Mukilteo Speedway (to serve the rerouted 113).

        Also the current Everett Transit eastbound stop (southbound for the rerouted 113) is on 84th St SW at the far side of 44th Ave W. It would need to be moved to the near side of the street so the 113 can make the right turn onto 44th Ave W.

        Not major problems, but it won’t be just as simple as redrawing a map.

  5. I wonder how many visitors the museum is losing by not having transit service? I never rent a car when I travel, so any attraction outside of walking distance and without a transit stop are basically off the ‘to-do’ list. I suspect that 777.8/day figure is being suppressed by poor access.

    1. I agree. That’s a great question. I think since we bring international folks in – many of whom who are used to mass transit – we’re losing probably several tens of thousands of visitors.

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