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At the July 24, 2015 Board of Directors meeting, the Island Transit Board voted to continue the 411W and 411C as currently run, until word was received from the Governor’s office that the previously-approved $2.3M for the route, aka the “Tri-County Connector”, was available. We have now received confirmation from Governor Inslee’s office that he will protect transit funding in the new transportation bill.

There has been a continuing discussion relating to the Fare Study the WSDOT is doing for Island.  Once the study has been completed, funds will be released to re-instate the 412.

7 Replies to “Island Transit decides to continue operating 411C, 411W.”

  1. Once again a grant saves the route but Island Transit still spends money without question. No restructuring of the administrative staff. Why was Graska given the salary Martha Rose earned after 25 years of working her way up to the salary? Could a few thousand dollars be saved in this one position? Why does Island Transit need two full time information technology people? Why was Martha allowed to give four raises to administrative staff members in her last weeks while cutting staff and benefits from others? Does the Board review the business practices and structure of Island Transit in order to save funds or do they just settle for the mantra, “Good enough for government work?”

  2. I’m curious, does Island Transit have any ridership data for these routes? Do they make it publicly available? I can’t see anything under public investments. I support state support for these routes on general principle, but it would be nice to know what we’re getting for that support.

  3. Why does Island Transit’s business model of spend more then the sales tax provides until Grant bail-outs save the day remain the norm? Is a realistic plan ever going to surface?

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