Is the Move Seattle transportation levy a smart investment of property-tax dollars? That was the question at Seattle Speaks, a community forum televised live on Seattle Channel from Town Hall on Tuesday night.

The $930 million levy has been touted by city leaders as the key to a safe, interconnected, affordable and innovative city. But critics say the proposal is poorly planned, lacks accountability and is out of touch with the needs of some Seattle neighborhoods.

Supporters say the package, which Seattle voters will decide on Nov. 3, offers solutions for the city’s rapid growth. Opponents maintain we can’t afford the levy’s high price tag, while advocates argue we can’t afford to delay investments. Is Move Seattle a building block for Seattle’s future or a road block to progress?

Seattle Channel public affairs host Brian Callanan moderates a lively discussion, part of the Seattle Speaks series, presented by Seattle CityClub, Seattle Channel and Town Hall Seattle. Seattle Speaks is an Emmy Award-winning series that brings together local leaders, critics, stakeholders and residents to deliberate pivotal moments in our city’s history.