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Apple has quietly launched support for transit directions in Seattle. While it’s yet listed as a supported city on their site, selecting transit for directions between two points in the Puget Sound area now works:

Directions from Pike Place to UW

One of the flagship features is displaying the footprint of underground stations along with the exact locations of entrances and exits:

Westlake Footprint and Entrance Location

The app even lists the Seattle Center Monorail as an option:

Westlake Footprint and Entrance Location

7 Replies to “Apple Maps Launches Transit Directions in Seattle”

      1. Yeah, the exact locations of entrances and exits is very helpful (often more helpful than the bus routes). For example, if I take a bus downtown, I know I’ll take the 41. But if don’t remember where all the entrances or exits are for the various stations.

  1. Interesting. Google Maps still doesn’t have the monorail. Hopefully they can catch up (especially when they add ORCA support). I raised both issues a year ago, and that lead to ORCA support being added (but so far nothing for Google Maps).

    1. It gave me directions to Pierce College Ft. Steilacoom in Lakewood, suggesting (correctly) to use PT 212. It also told me how to get to a Jack in the Box all the way out in Stanwood. For both, my origin was King Street Station.

      So, this covers King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties

    2. I checked last night; it’s quite expansive and covers much of Western Washington. Here are the transit agencies and services in Apple Maps covers:

      • King County Metro
      • Sound Transit (bus, Central and Tacoma Link, Sounder)
      • Seattle Streetcar
      • Seattle Center Monorail
      • Community Transit
      • Everett Transit
      • Pierce Transit
      • King County Water Taxi
      • Washington State Ferries (entire system from Sidney BC to Point Defiance)
      • Kitsap Transit (buses and foot ferries)
      • Intercity Transit (Olympia)
      • Mason Transit (Shelton)
      • Jefferson Transit (Port Townsend, including the Olympic Connection between Forks and Quinault)
      • Skagit Transit (including County Connector to Bellingham)
      • Island Transit
      • Travel Washington bus lines (statewide, from Port Angeles to Spokane and Pasco)
      • Victoria Clipper
      • Black Ball ferry between Port Angeles and Victoria
      • Blake Island ferry (Argosy)
      • Seattle Children’s Hospital shuttles

      Not on Apple Maps (western WA):
      • Amtrak (Cascades and long distance trains)
      • Snoqualmie Valley Transportation
      • Whatcom Transportation Authority (Bellingham)
      • Clallam Transit (Port Angeles)
      • Grays Harbor Transit (Aberdeen)
      • Pacific Transit (Long Beach)
      • Twin Transit (Centralia)
      • RiverCities Transit (Longview)
      • BoltBus
      • Greyhound
      • Northwestern Trailways

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