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  1. Seems to me there’s a lot of sunk costs with North Sounder that just aren’t highly utilized now. Of course a train with 4 round trips a day, all peak direction, all in the span of a couple hours is going to have limited use. Why not try to make it better with more service and infill stations in West Ballard and Belltown/LQA to better utilize the service?

    1. Poncho, problem for both these stations would be side-track so stopped Sounder wouldn’t block regular train traffic.


    2. As bad as north Sounder looks today, it’s going to look even worse in 7 years, when Link is running from Lynnwood to downtown, and even worse in 20 years (with ST 3 passage) when Link is running from Everett to downtown. In fact, Everett->downtown Seattle has virtually the same projected travel time via Link as via Sounder – Paine Field Deviation and all. With that in mind, who is going to ride Sounder from Everett to Seattle if one can’t even wait for the Sounder Train without a Link train showing up first?

      Mukilteo also needs Sounder a lot less with ST 3 – just run a bus to the Paine Field Station a couple miles away. And, by the time Lynnwood Link opens, Edmonds is likely going to have a Swift line to Lynnwood Station. Probably not as fast as Sounder to Pioneer Square, but close enough, and a heck of a lot cheaper.

      1. One reason to back ST3 is that a light rail spine to Everett means Sounder North can go. It’s time in eight days to start forcing that conversation the Sound Transit Citizen’s Oversight Panel is supposed to be having.

      2. North Sounder is mainly about Mukilteo and Edmonds, in my view. The alternatives will continue to be inferior. ST could get rid of North Sounder by simply ignoring the objections of those communities (not likely) or promise some other service enhancement, which I think will be difficult, for both good reasons and bad.

      3. Not just Edmonds and Mukilteo, but the hinterland sprawl on the other side of the ferry routes. Just because they lack a vote on ST doesn’t mean they won’t make noise.

      4. Those communities are a small fraction of the ST taxpayers in Snohomish. Not all of Edmonds and Mukilteo is closest to Sounder, only the parts closest to downtown.

  2. I’m curious what it would take for a Metro or 24 Hours free commuter newspaper to set up here in Seattle? We must be near the transit ridership to make it pencil as Boston, Philadelphia and Vancouver have these papers.

    1. If I won the PowerBall and could afford my own printing press plus hire some good media lawyers, yeah sounds like a good idea. Obviously I’d hire SounderBruce to be my full-time traffic reporter and put on the board Frank C, Martin H. Duke and Jenni Hogan. I’d also have the SeattleMetro Person of the Year some transit planner and the SeattleMetro CEO of the Year Peter Rogoff (you think?) and the SeattleMetro Uber-Forty Whiner of the Year – after much battling – Kemper Freeman (we have to save Alex Tsimerman, Maggie Firmia and future Bellevue Mayor Kevin Wallace for other years).

    1. Yes, Joe, this is a loss for Washington. Andy Hill was a credit to his party and to representative government in General. While I would not hesitate to say I disagreed with some of his priorities, I never got the sense that he did things out of personal or partisan spite. He made choices from a deeply held and most importantly, reasoned, set of goals. That is the finest form of representation.

  3. Listened to entire podcast while riding MAX Orange Line + 33 to get to Oregon City.

    There are a couple of old storefronts in downtown Bremerton it might be nice to save, but in a fashion similar to the old laundry building in the Cascade district: save the old shell and redevelop a bigger building from the skin inward and well above the old roof.

    There is a big newish hotel right next to the ferry terminal. Redevelop the vacant chunk of land right at the ferry terminal to that height and you probably get several hundred residents.

  4. @Mike Orr

    Mike, you said that the Seabus was built for Expo 86. This is incorrect. The Seabus opened in 1977.

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