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I have mentioned this before, but many people complain that Route 71 duplicates Route 62 along NE 65th St. In one of the plans for the U-Link restructure, Route 71 was to be deleted entirely with its Wedgwood tail covered by Route 78. But due to neighborhood pressure, Route 71 was kept, and Route 78 was terminated in Laurelhurst. Reasons to keep Route 71 included keeping the same level of bus service between Roosevelt and U District, and also keeping the one-seat ride between Wedgwood and U District.

Before Route 78, Laurelhurst was served by Route 25. Route 25 served much more of Laurelhurst than Route 78 does now. Since September 2014, NE 55th St has not had any off-peak service. So both the Laurelhurst and the NE 55th corridor have lost their off-peak bus service.

NE 75th St never really had any service other than a part of the 71/76 tail between 40th Ave and 50th Ave, and the old Route 68 between Roosevelt and 25th Ave NE. It is relatively close to NE 65th, but I think it deserves some service too.


Route 71 will run via NE 75th St instead of NE 65th St. It will terminate at 55th Ave NE. Route 76 will remain the same as it is now.

A new route will run like Route 74 via NE 55th St, but instead of going north to NOAA, it will go south to Laurelhurst, serving the old 25 loop. This route will be numbered 79, and it will replace Route 78 entirely. Route 79 will run at 30-minute frequency. On the map, it shows Route 79 going to “Neptune Theatre” because that is close to where the Brooklyn station will be. If Metro puts Route 79 into service before Brooklyn station opens, it should terminate at the current UW station at Husky Stadium before moving to Brooklyn Station.

At all times, Route 62 will run both directions on NE 65th. On nights and weekends, it will loop at Radford Dr, using the old 30 loop.


Route 71 Map:

Route 79 Map:

14 Replies to “What to do with Routes 71 and 78”

  1. One correction: You mean UW station.
    “On the map, it shows Route 79 going to “Neptune Theatre” because that is close to where the Brooklyn station will be.”

    One idea I did have though is routing the 45 to the actual Brooklyn station, then continuing east along the old 30 route, then terminating in Laurelhurst as your 79 does. That way, it maximizes connections and coverage, reduces duplication with Link, and some of the backtracking to Laurelhurst is made up for by the speed of Link (no one except those who like long naps will miss the 25).

    1. I think the 45 has much higher demand than my 79 would, so it wouldn’t make too much sense to run a frequent route on a corridor that would not have that much ridership. Plus, streets in Laurelhurst are probably too narrow for the articulated buses used on the 45.

      Which station is the “actual” Brooklyn station? The U District station at 45th and Brooklyn is sometimes referred to as Brooklyn Station to avoid confusion with the station at Husky Stadium.

  2. Is there any reason you’re routing the 79 along 20th rather than 15th or The Ave? It seems to me that 20th has much fewer destinations along it.

    1. There isn’t really any reason for the routing along 20th. I had put the link into before I could make any changes, and I did not feel like making another link. I definitely agree that routing it on 15th or The Ave could be better.

    2. All the current and previous buses run on 20th. Ravenna Blvd is probably too narrow and twisty for a bus between 15th and 20th. There’s no other way to get to 55th because the streets don’t go through or are too steep and narrow.

      1. I think he was referring to between 45th and 50th. The old 30 would go on 20th between 55th and 50th, then take 50th and University Way to Campus Pkwy. My 79 is basically the same as the 30, except it runs to Laurelhurst instead of NOAA.

  3. It wasn’t neighborhood pressure that preserved route # 71 but it was King County Council member Rod Demkowski wanted that route to remain because he and his family ride it. Another example of a politician looking out for his own personal benefit.

    1. There was neigborhood pressure too. They just happened to have a councilmember in their district. If it was only Dembrowski and nobody else maybe he would have hesitated more.

  4. I like the 71 routing because it preserves 15-minute service on 15th with the 73, and it adds service on 75th which has been underserved for ever.

    1. Another perk of running the 71 on 75th – it restores service that was lost between 15th and 25th when the 68 was cancelled. But is the hill around 35th too steep?

      The sooner route 78 is cancelled or transformed into another route the better. Eastbound, does the 78 serve any stops not already served by 65/75 + a short walk? Westbound, I usually see the 78 right behind a 67/31/32, so there’s barely anyone to board it to UW. And frequency can’t be reduced, because there’s only 1 vehicle operating on the route already.

  5. As a former Wedgwood resident I think running the 71 along 75th is a great idea. Would also serve Eckstein students well. But having a terminal in the Sand Point Country Club residential area near 55th may not be the best location for such.

  6. So in essence you’re advocating for replacing the double service along 65th by just running 62 down it? I like the idea, but the issue is that 62 turns right on the return during off peak hours for the turnaround at 35th, I think it was, and people such as myself would be without transit during those hours. I love 71 because it gives me a 1-seat ride all the way to my place, reliably, without any need for consideration of whether or not the turnaround point at Magnuson is open for the 62. I’d be okay if 62 could hold the same route both directions.

    1. I do agree that the current weekend loop for Route 62 does not make sense. That is why I suggested that Route 62 loops at Radford Dr instead, like the old 30 did. I seriously don’t know why Metro didn’t use that. To be honest, Route 62 needs to be redesigned as a whole.

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