2016 Independence Day Fireworks
Last year’s Independence Day fireworks viewed from near Westlake Station

After two years of government observance shenanigans, Independence Day is back to being a one-day holiday and has brought along some great gifts to those enjoying the nighttime fireworks show. Sound Transit will be running Link light rail trains every 30 minutes between midnight and 2 a.m. and Metro will deploy extra buses on 20 routes until midnight, as suggested by the King County Council earlier this year. The last northbound train leaves Angle Lake Station at 1 a.m. The last southbound train leaves University of Washington Station at 2 a.m. The Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel closes at 2:20 a.m.

Before we even get to the 4th of July schedules, however, there is a major service disruption for the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel this weekend. From Saturday, July 1 to the end of Sunday, July 2, buses will not operate in the tunnel due to construction at Convention Place Station; instead, tunnel routes will use their respective surface stops. Link light rail trains, however, will operate with normal weekend service at Westlake, University Street, Pioneer Square and International District/Chinatown stations. 4th Avenue will also be closed between South Washington and South Jefferson streets due to Yesler Bridge construction.

The full list of which schedules each transit service will operate with on July 4th is below the fold.

Agency / Service Tuesday, July 4
Clallam Transit No Service
Community Transit Sunday
Everett Transit Sunday
Grays Harbor Transit No Service
Island Transit No Service
Intercity Transit Sunday
Jefferson Transit No Service
King County Metro Sunday (with extra trips until 12 a.m.)

Routes with extra service: 5, 8, 26, 28, 31, 32, 40, 44, 49, 62, 70, 120, RapidRide A, B, C, D, E

King County Water Taxi Sunday (West Seattle)

No Service (Vashon)

Kitsap Transit No Service
Link light rail Sunday (with extra trips until 2 a.m.)
Mason Transit No Service
Monorail 8:30 a.m. – 11 p.m.
Pierce Transit Sunday
Seattle Streetcars Sunday
Skagit Transit No Service
Sound Transit Express Sunday

Routes with extra service: 545, 550, 554

Sounder No Service
Tacoma Link Sunday
Twin Transit No Service
Washington State Ferries Sunday
Whatcom Transit No Service

As a reminder, fireworks are not allowed on transit vehicles

4 Replies to “Holiday Schedules for July 4th and DSTT Closure This Weekend”

  1. Now that light rail is running until 2 AM on the 4th, the big question is – will anybody know it? Running late trains only does so much good if everybody has already made alternate plans, assuming the trains will not be running.

    There needs to be signs at all the Link stations, now, advertising the extended hours.

  2. Ah. Finally buses out of the DSTT, if only for a weekend. That is not enough for ST to do anything with, but at least it will be a taste of the future. And oh what a sweet taste it will be.

  3. Why is the 31 on the list of routes that will receive extra service on July 4? It doesn’t run on Sundays, and Metro claims they will be running buses on a Sunday schedule.

  4. Extra busses until midnight, eh? Well. Not one of those extra busses could be spotted anywhere near Gas Works Park, where they were really needed. After an hour of seeing apparent ghost busses pass by on One Bus Away, constantly updating the Uber and Lyft surge rates (only $48 to get home–down from $72!) and scanning for an available Car2Go, I finally actually read the route notice that said….guess what, those bus stops on 40th ST and Wallingford Ave weren’t being served until midnight–AFTER all the extra busses presumably would have stopped running! In other words, the extra busses were pretty useless if you were trying to leave the most popular venue! And I wasn’t the only one thrown off either, there was at least a dozen people waiting at each of those stops–even quite a few when I finally got in the Car2Go at a quarter to midnight (most eventually gave up decided to share an Uber or just walk, but some were willing to wait it out). So the 2 AM Link service wasn’t very helpful if one couldn’t actually get to Link. Eventually a Car2Go appeared a little under a mile away which I promptly reserved and jogged over to pick up. So all that “run commuting” in Miami paid off.

    Next year, Metro and/or Sound Transit: PLEASE for God’s sake run event shuttles or *something* between Link and the actual venue!!! I’m sure UW could benefit from using the stadium parking lot as a remote lot with shuttle service (combined with Link riders) as well. At least if you’re serious about people taking transit and reducing the parking footprint of these events.

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