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Since 2009, transit in Skyway has been pretty much the same, other than improved frequency on Route 106. Before that, the part of Skyway close to Lake Washington had some bus service, but in 2009 that was removed. In my post I discuss some ways to improve transit in Skyway.

Metro has a plan to combine Routes 49 and 36 and run them through First Hill instead of Downtown. This plan has received much criticism because many Beacon Hill residents use Route 36 to go to the International District, and the plan would cut off that connection. In this post I discuss a bit on First Hill-Southeast Seattle connections.

The September 2016 service restructure modified Route 106 to run like the old Route 42 between Rainier Beach and Downtown. Many people have criticized this new routing for duplicating Route 7 between Mt Baker TC and Downtown. I change up the routing for Route 106 a bit so it is less duplicative.

In this post, I refer to Southeast Seattle as the part of Seattle east of I-5 and south of McClellan. I split up the post into categories I mentioned above.

Routing Changes within Rainier Valley/Beacon Hill

South of Cloverdale, Routes 7 and 9 will swap routings. This means that Route 7 will run to Rainier Beach Station, and Route 9 will run to Prentice St.

South of Massachusetts, Route 8 will run via Massachusetts and 23rd to Judkins Park station instead of taking MLK to Mt Baker TC. Also, Route 8 will go straight on MLK instead of deviating to 23rd between Yesler and Jackson.

South of Massachusetts, Route 48 will run via Massachusetts and MLK to Mt Baker TC.

A new Route 52 will connect West Seattle, Georgetown, Beacon Hill, Rainier Valley, and Seward Park. Instead of going via Sylvan Way, Route 128 will run via 16th Ave SW and Genesee to Alaska Junction, and it will not run to North Admiral. Route 22 will be extended to Seacrest Park via California to replace Route 128 in North Admiral. Route 52 will run at 30-minute frequency.

Route 38 (not the MLK one, but the McClellan one) will be restored. It will be extended to Columbia City Station via Hunter Blvd, 38th Ave S, and S Alaska St to replace the 14 tail to Hanford St. It will be operated using vans, and will run at 30-minute frequency.

Route 36 will through-route with Route 70 in Downtown. Frequencies on Route 70 will be upgraded to match those of Route 36.

Routing Changes within Skyway

Route 101 will run to Rainier Beach instead of Downtown. It will run at 15-minute frequency all 7 days a week. It will through-route with Route 169 at Renton TC. Route 102 will remain as it is now.

Route 107 will be split into two routes: Routes 105 and 108. Route 105 will run like Route 107 between Beacon Hill and Rainier View, but then go on Langston Rd to Renton TC. Route 108 will run like Route 107 between Renton TC and Cornell Ave, then take Cornell Ave, Rainier, Seward Park, and Othello to Othello Station.

First Hill-SE Seattle Connections

Instead of running via Jackson to International District, Route 106 will run via Boren and Fairview to South Lake Union.

The First Hill Streetcar will be discontinued. Instead of going via Pine, Route 49 will run to International District via Broadway, Boren, 12th, and Jackson, laying over at 2nd/Main. The South Lake Union Streetcar will terminate at the yard at Dearborn.

North of Jackson, Route 60 will take 12th, Yesler, 14th, Pine, 15th, and John to Capitol Hill Station, then take Broadway to the current 9 terminus at Aloha.

Between Jackson and John, Route 9 will run via 12th instead of Broadway, and will terminate at the current 60 terminus at Mercer. It will also run to Prentice St instead of Rainier Beach Station.


Route 38:

Route 49:

Route 60 (north of Beacon Hill):

Route 52:

Route 128:

Route 105:

Route 108:

3 Replies to “Southeast Seattle Restructure”

  1. Poor Renton, it seems like every restructure proposal make it harder to travel between downtown Seattle and Renton.

    Let’s look at a real life example of what the RBS transfer costs in terms of time. A passenger who leaves Westlake Station on the 927am train will arrive at RBS at 953am. Allowing 5 minutes to transfer to a waiting 101 bus makes it 958am and the trip to the Fred Meyer stop in downtown Renton will take about 10 more minutes, moving the clock to 1008am. That’s a 41 minute trip under perfect conditions, but possibly 55 minutes if the connection is missed. Meanwhile, the current 101 schedule requires about 28 minutes for the same trip. So, forcing a connection at RBS will add 13-27 minutes to the journey–a 46% – 96% increase in the trip time.

    Off peak transit service between downtown Seattle and Renton is already less than ideal. I don’t think this proposal make things any better.

    1. For people who live right on the current 101, yes, it makes a trip downtown take longer – but the bus can come more frequently, and trips to other places on Link might be shorter.

      But the real benefit of a Rainier Beach transfer would be if you could follow Aleks’ South King restructure and through-route the new!101 with other buses currently terminating at Renton TC (and then do the same thing with Kent Station and Auburn Station). That way, people with a current two-seat ride on infrequent buses would have a two-seat ride on a frequent bus and Link.

    2. Two things. First, William is right that Renton and Kent residential neighborhoods should have a direct route to a Link station. If those downtowns were as large as downtown Bellevue then maybe not, but they are places that are irrelevant to most of people’s range of needs. Supermarkets are already in the residential areas; residents don’t go to tourist-and-gift-giver’s shops downtown that close at 5pm and on weekends; and you can only go to a big-box store so often. The resistance to truncating the 101 and 150 is that most people have already transferred once to get to those routes.

      Second, those Renton residents who want to keep the 101 can breathe a sigh of relief because Metro considers it one of the most important routes in its regional transit network. During the cuts it said it would truncate it only if it doesn’t have enough funds to maintain half-hourly service on it or the 106. Now Metro’s long-range plan has an all-day Express route on downtown-Renton-Kent-Auburn (2023) and Interbay-downtown-Renton (2040). So there’s your future, Sunset Way. But don’t weep for the eastern neighborhoods because there’s also a Frequent route on Rainier Beach – Renton Ave – Renton – Highlands (2025), upgraded to Rapid and extended to Othello in 2040.

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