Under-Construction Gridiron Condominiums, Pioneer Square, Seattle WA

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  1. Watching those Gridiron condos go up is both sad yet exciting. That was a cool old building, but served no other purpose other than looking cool and old. I won’t ever be able to afford one of these condos, but, well, more places for people to live.

    1. I’d like to meet the folks who came up with the name… reminiscent of the peculiar shape of NYC’s famous “Flatiron” building next to a football stadium.


      perfect & unforgettable… they must have had a good giggle when they thought that up !

  2. The Gridiron picture looks like a metaphor – the shiny new 21st century built on top of the gutted 19th century.

    1. Curious about the structural integration between the glass and steel part of the Gridiron building and the brick part. Wish I could’ve seen it from King Street Station a couple of hours ago. Because thing I like best about pics is effort to save the 21st Century Seattle from reason I couldn’t see Gridiron from Jackson and Fifth.

      Where the HELL was the Planning Commission, and the historic preservation people”, when the sky behind the priceless old “campanile” bell tower of King Street Station got filled with cheap painted fiberboard?

      Honestly, if the innocent could be evacuated in time- the guilty will already be in the Caymans-when Jackson once again becomes beach-front property, it would be the 21st Century’s greatest contribution to both the sciences of geology and architecture to click the switch on the blasting battery. Much as Snidely Whiplash has been missing that great villainous plunger all these years.

      Good thing this afternoon’s doctor visit hurt so much. Welcome distraction from general sensation from setting foot in Seattle.


  3. Too bad we don’t have a congestion-free network to get that branding, aside from Link…

    1. It’s a starting point, and ST2 and 3 will be a more complete network. Auckland has the advantage that it already has the network, whereas we would have to say it’s a goal. But you can put it on the ST3 map or ST’s long-term plan or the Seattle Subway map or whatever you prefer and it would be a goal. It would have been great marketing for the ST3 vote, but it’s too late for that. (Southeast Tacoma says, “How about some congestion-freedom for us?”) Although we can belatedly say, “We’re building a congestion-free network. And guess what, you already voted for it, so it won’t cost more than you’re already paying.”

      1. Sure Jarrett would agree that Vanishing Convention Center postponement horizon would be better if DSTT ops could, after three decades of not-trying, be gotten under enough control to keep joint ops ’til LINK hit Northgate and at least Bellevue.

        And also Jarrett’s wish for the (Doesn’t Have to be Rail!) congestion-free street-map. Because current pace of Global Warming will prevent Hell from freezing over for three thousand years. During which time, any cow moving at Seattle traffic speed will delivered to customer’s door by a refrigerator drone branded with the Bar (Code would look great on a cow) JB-AM.

        Wish windows of opportunity didn’t get tagged, broken, and cut so much.


  4. So why do the newer Rapidride buses not display a red light when a stop has been requested? Why switch to a message-display? I can think of many disadvantages of a message-display, but no advantages over a simple light.

    1. The new trolley’s do that too. I guess they just didn’t come with a light installed, which seems stupid to me. A light below the sign is pretty obvious, whereas having the sign switch to the “stop requested” text is annoying and potentially more difficult for some people to understand.

    2. Not only that but you have to wait for the sign to cycle to the “Stop requested” page. It’s easy to misinterpret or not notice. Bad design — the light was much better.

    3. I’ve been wondering that too. I was on a 271 that was on reroute and the driver turned the display off, presumably to avoid confusing people with inaccurate information. Of course he also forgot that this was a “modern” bus and didn’t have a separate stop indicator…

  5. One day car rentals at Portland on the 21st are up to $1,300.


    Trains and buses are heavily sold out (some BoltBus trips to Albany were still open last I checked).

    So, if you happen to be headed down this way that week, eclipse or no eclipse, be prepared for transport chaos.

    There are a few Cherriots / SMART Wilsonville Transit buses that run to Salem, but expect those to be crowded as well.

    BoltBus goes to Albany and skips Salem. There are still a few trips on the 21st, but be prepared for a long trip as the roads will probably be terrible.

  6. Remember Operator Vass, and proud of him for picking the Route 7. Would also be glad if Jarrett could start a focused campaign to make the 7 a bold working experiment in exactly the DHBAT (Doesn’t Have To Be A Train) brand decongester that Rainier Avenue both needs and deserves.

    But what I’d give the most for is a city that can provide the generations of wages that could have let my passengers still live good lives along the route. With the world’s best education, and brightest prospects. The Empire Cafe serves delicious coffee. The Safari Njema Restaurant has wonderful food. The Ark Lodge gets some decent films.

    Will ease up on Seattle when these places become part of the neighborhood Angie and Billy and Yvonne should have had. Billy, Metro is desperate for trolley drivers. Yvonne, I pray the way you could block a right cross left you with a career in modeling. Angie…. I already paid for all those transfers, but always be sure you tap off at Columbia City.


    1. Note that Jarrett Walker is not part of STB, and may or may not read most of the articles. So your comments to Jarrett or suggestions for him may fall on deaf ears. If you want to guarantee he sees something, your best bet is to post it on Human Transit or send him email.

      1. Truth is, Mike, this is just a twitter-free way of playing to my ST(Base), leaving my spokespeople to “walk back” every outrage.

        Who, while carrying an over-legal load of outrages often get injured falling backwards over latest cruel jab at somebody I really agree with, but don’t want to destroy by having my e-mail address in his contacts.

        Of course the man already knows that a Tri-Met bus would always get stuck at same stop sign near the bakery as a train does. Except bus passenger load is both smaller and a less comfortable crush load. Same decongestant will cure breathing passage for both modes.

        Also not only same page but even same sentence in opposing the religious war between rail and bus fanaticism that always makes the Middle Ages look like yesterday’s church picnic.

        Got one of those pocket video cams that look like a pen, so be watching YouTube for next time I remind ST staff that for almost 20 years, LINK fleet was world’s worst buses. Proudest claim of my life. Wish I could afford to “Wrap” hush-mode equipped hybrids saying “LINK”- just not on windows.

        But positive goal here. If Jarrett doesn’t already read STB, best cure is to write something grossly offensive enough that his media people will have no choice but to start reading the blog. In hopes next thing will be worse. Evidence is on my side that it works. Whatever those illegal dishonest news-faking leakers say.


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