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  1. A part of the Capitol Hill NSF projects that may be of particular interest to STB readers: bus bulbs for in-lane stops for the 8 at stops on Thomas at 16th Ave E and 19th Ave E in both directions, at a new/relocated westbound stop on John at 10th Ave E, and at the eastbound stop on Olive Way at Summit.

  2. Directing bikes to go up the hill on Main St. only to go back down it on 6th Ave. is not the best solution. Especially coming towards downtown, one presumably has to merge in front of the car traffic at the top of the slope to be able to make the left turn, and during game days there are lots of cars around. Oh, and there’s all the stop signs on 6th Ave. and the traffic lights. The disadvantage of Jackson St. is the busses and having to deal with the notorious streetcar tracks, I would not necessarily trust that route.

    Most straightforward solution I can see is to extend the 2nd Ave. two-way cycle track all the way down to the Weller St. crosswalk and plaza. Bonus: makes it much easier to bike to/from the Sounder trains. Main St. is a great option, however, to connect the 2nd Ave. cycle track, the planned ones on 4th Ave, and the waterfront and ferry docks. This would really help fill in a bike network in the south part of downtown and the ID. The 2nd Ave. extension would have its challenges and may not be a short term fix, but the Main St. connection to the waterfront could be done quickly with just paint, especially if the route to the ID ends up being via 6th and Main.

  3. More sloppy reporting by the Seattle Times….

    “Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Seattle, spoke Tuesday about her support for $1.1 billion in federal aid, to help fund a $2.9 billion Northgate-to-Lynnwood extension, approved in a 2008 local ballot measure.”

    Nope, that’s not what we voted for with the ST2 ballot measure back in 2008.

  4. Anybody else as disgusted as I am about years-long constant failure of two of our most critical, and world-visible elevators? The first transit elevators thousands of arriving passengers ever see?

    Let’s just consign exchanges between Sound Transit and the vendors, who, being from Finland ought to know better, to the Dust-bin, which in Marx’s time meant garbage dump, of our legal system.

    While we have a mining equipment firm build us something ugly, human operated, and indestructible in the meantime. Maybe one from Russia.


  5. Hey, ST Express. When are you gonna stop keeping information classified from my fellow 174 passengers – like telling them over the PA- to stay with you to next stop, which happens to be the nice warm airport terminal where they have a wide choice of vertical rides to the same level as the LINK station?

    And same for you, RapidRide. Sheesh! What do you think Alexander Graham Bell invented the microphone for? Lucky you’re not in Chicago, where frozen-solid passengers can end up standing on bus stop ’til June, which is Springtime, because regular passengers just think they got nothing to say.

    Global Warming will doubtless cure that problem. However, soon as temp hits 90 the next day, next problem with them will arise. So just tell everybody about the elevator, OK?


  6. I voted for that Seattle bus stop. Kudos to KC Metro to comment on it, but a boo when they wrote that according to their data no one used it. If that’s the case, why have it?

    1. It’s kind of unbelievable that this stop beat out the stops in a few other cities that are right on a freeway.

      1. As a stop, I cannot take all the credit. My fellow stops on route 124 have all done their part for the team to create a series of decrepit, unfindable, dangerous, and therefore unused, bus stops up and down E Marginal Way.

        I would like to especially thank the stop that flanks me to the south, where all you can find is a closed stop, pointing to another stop where you are waiting in the shoulder of the highway, with no sidewalk to stand on. This is the stop closest to South Park. (He was jealous that I got nominated for the award, and he did not. But we’ll not talk about that little twitter feud.) He does great credit to the narrative of social injustice in which south end neighborhood stops get redlined from basic safety considerations and design review.

        I also want to thank my producer, the City of Tukwila. Hi, Tukwila!

        I am honored to be part of a long line of Saddest Stops, all on the same route. Tukwila, and my fellow stops, I could not have won this award without you!

    2. I’m wondering when a transit subversive group will steal the bus stop signs of unutilized stops and put them in front of Link station entrances in the middle of the night.

      Why we make bus riders ride past entrances, get off, then cross two major streets to get into Capitol Hill Station seems rather cruel! There are times when bus stops on the far sides of intersections are the wrong things to have.

  7. I noticed on the Metro website that there is already a change to the routing that was scheduled to go into effect on September 23rd of the # 62 in the evenings and weekends when NOAA is closed.

    Instead of going south on 62nd Ave NE between NE 74th and NE 65th it will instead do a loop on NE 74th and other roads before heading south on Sand Point Way from NE 74th.

    According to the website it goes into effect on September 23rd until further notice which makes you wonder what brought this on.

    1. This is the only change I know of. There’s some kind of curb work in the park that has to be finished before Metro can use 62nd Ave NE, so it’s on a temporary route until then.

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