Intercity Transit bus (Erubisu/flickr)

Today is the deadline to register online to vote in the November election. If you’ve moved here, changed address, or otherwise haven’t registered to vote, the time is now.

Please go to, which is a portal for whatever registration transactions you need.

Only Thurston County is offering a strictly transit-related measure on the ballot. However, all Washington voters can vote on the Carbon Fee, I-1631, which will both encourage low-carbon means of housing and transport, and discourage carbon-intensive ones. Congressional races touch a wide range of issues. Furthermore, state legislative elections are probably the most underrated in terms of public attention and the impact they have on everyday life. The party balance in Olympia resolves issues around authorized transit taxes and the primacy of highways.

STB endorsements on transit and land use-related issues will be available soon.

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  1. Doubt this is a problem in Washington State. But might there not be places where measures are taken to be sure that by race, income, or wrong politics, voters are deliberately – and legally- deprived of their right to vote?

    Do these people get to at least complain? In addition to doing what else?


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