We haven’t had a meetup in a very long while. Please join us for an evening of mingling and camaraderie at the Big Time Brewery in the University District, March 4th, 6pm.

There is no cost, and it is open to all ages. However, please be gracious and don’t show up if you’re unwilling to purchase a meal or some drinks from our hosts.

An RSVP in the comment thread would be appreciated.

14 Replies to “STB Meetup March 4”

  1. I’m a maybe. If that.

    Only reason why a Maybe is Mondays are really, sincerely problematic for the Joe. As in if they weren’t, I’d go to all the ORCA Joint Board meetings. All of them.

    1. I’m out, sadly. I can’t make the final connection (Amtrak Cascades) back to Skagit in time from the site.

      Sincerely wish all attendees well. Especially as that morning, if the FAA approves, I’ll be photographing the first commercial flight out of Paine Field.

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