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  1. My guess as to the weird objection to using the SODO busway is that the capacity they are referring to is the length of the bus stop platforms. It has a lot of buses at peak. The 590 alone runs every 5 minutes, making one of the shortest headways in the region. Then you add bunch of peak only and all-day routes, some at considerable frequency. It’s not a stretch to imagine 6 buses arriving at about the same time at a stop.

    It seems like there’s a complete lack of flexibility or willingness to innovate here, as per usual. Seems like you could make space in the busway by having more routes use the Seneca street exit. I’m sure riders on some of these routes would appreciate an express that’s a little bit more express. If the Seneca Street exit is at capacity, then they could move some buses to the Dearborn exit (which 0 buses currently use).

    Or ST could convert the 590 to the previously proposed 591 (https://seattletransitblog.wpcomstaging.com/2017/02/10/st-express-591-more-necessary-than-ever/) and send Tacoma buses to SLU instead of the exact same place they send Sounder trains to!! Doesn’t seem like a crazy idea. Seems less crazy than buses being stuck in Pioneer Square for an hour.

    1. Also Reyerson base uses it as their only entrance/ exit road. Maybe that will have to change.

  2. Aaaaah Chiachiere-Senpai noticed me! ^///^

    And yes, the sound was much improved.

    And thanks for that bonus mic-bump.

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