3 Replies to “Podcast #81: normal reaction of the bureaucracy”

  1. I was not expecting an STB podcast to spend so much time talking about how we should have more cars and pay less tax on them…


  2. One thing that might be a good idea for car sharing companies is when a car is in the middle of nowhere where nobody is going to normally use it, to give a push notification to members near the car with something like “free car2go” or “$1 car2go,” to let people know that there is a car right there. Especially for someone who normally takes the bus, in this case they could help out by driving this car somewhere it will be useful and getting a cheap trip in return.

    1. Excellent idea. They know where their customers live. Won’t work all the time, obviously, because there are lots of places the car can be left with only the leaver nearby. But it would sometimes and can’t be that costly to program

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