4 Replies to “Podcast #86: Thanksgiving Mailbag”

  1. I’m so sad I missed the mailbag questions request…. I was going to ask about turning the Hwy 99 tunnel into a light rail tunnel.

  2. RapidRide was redirected to Totem Lake so it’s less likely it will be on 85th. The 250 will be on 85th in the interim.

    1. I don’t understand why the exact path of RapidRide routes has to be decided years in advance. It’s not like Link, where you have to construct tracks, it’s just buses with a frequency boost, with upgraded bus stops. We should be basing our Kirkland network post 2025 on actual observations as to how people are using the new 250 and 255 that begin next year. There is no reason to make these types of decisions now.

  3. I didn’t mean it was the Russians. I meant is there a local movement using those tactics: a disinformation campaign mixing facts and conspiracy theories to turn people against transit and make them think it’s worse than it is.

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