Fourth Grade Geometry

Maybe not Page 2 material, but can’t get an answer to this question after several requests in today’s posting:

I know I’ve missed out on a lot of the Capitol Hill planning. Getting slack because I can’t vote for anybody anywhere in King County- though they don’t know that.

But unless I’m reading the Mapquest aerial pic ‘way wrong- how in the world can any bus have any trouble at all turning from EB Madison to NB 19th Avenue? Or reverse direction? That many brand-new drivers?

Please clue me in. I used to be able to read a map, and a protractor, and a 90 degree triangle point against a 45 degree one?

Also, follow-up question. What’s Guest’s relation to transit? Is he or she same one who writes for Seattle Subways? If not, are they really Kemper Freeman?

Mark Dublin