I take the 545 from the City to Redmond everyday, so this shirt is topical for me. I won’t be buying one though, it gives too much of me away.

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  1. I ordered one of those a few days back after seeing it on the PI’s Bus Chick blog. But now I feel like going all metro-retro and designing up a 263…

    What was the bus that did the 545 route between the 263 and 545? At one time, there was one express bus that went direct to Redmond, and another that stopped at overlake – 540? Both were consolidated into the current 545.

    I seem to remember the old 263 as being a lot chattier – they were the standard metro issue busses with low seat-backs, much easier to overhear and join in chats with. The 545 Sound Transit coaches seem more formal – and it’s very awkward to chat with someone in front of or behind you, you end up pressing your face up against the small gap between the seat headrests. It’s like talking through a keyhole or a gap in a fence.

    The 263 could get hot and smelly in Summer, though, especially as it broiled along on a slow 520. The 545’s AC is a mixed blessing, keeping us cool as it warms the planet. But that’s offset by the fact that we’re at least on transit to begin with, right?

  2. Hahah, Musely that is an interesting point about the AC on the bus. I don’t think I have ever taken the 263, but you’re right about no one talking on the 545. Even on Friday afternoons, no one ever talks except the odd annoying guy on his cellphone.

  3. You all want to be the talk of the East Base? Buy a few of these shirts and form a committee to hand them out to your favorite drivers of the 545. A cool shirt would be a lot more interesting than a commendation. Just a thought. Now, if we could just get Metro to modify the uniform standards to include this T-Shirt…

  4. Hi there – I’m Sumit, the designer of the 545 shirt – thanks so much for posting about it! By the way, if any of your readers are interested in getting one, they are available at http://www.cafepress.com/st545 – it would be great if you could add that link to your post as well! All proceeds will go to charities to help the homeless in Seattle. Thanks, -Sumit

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