Of course, you might argue that adding highway lanes are never free, since they add to our reliance on automobiles. That’s valid, but it’s worth noting that widening 405 is a pretty mild step compared with building 49 miles of light rail. There’s no real radical road package to oppose here, like, for example, a new I-605 cutting through the Cascade foothills. It’s all pretty basic stuff. By voting “no” on this package, transit supporters would be cutting off their nose to spite their face. (Emphasis added)

From Orphan Road.

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  1. Again I can’t emphasize how important voting yes is going to be. I must say, I rode SkyTrain in Vancouver this weekend, and I was impressed some of my friends in that area complain about the system. I am not sure why that is one of the most efficient transit systems I have seen. Seattle would benefit greatly by having one of those. We parked in King George for $1 for the whole day, rode on SkyTrain via an $8 day ticket that then transfered to all buses. Nice. Seattle definitely could use a system like that! If anyone is on the fence, go to Vancouver and you will see how far behind we are!

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