I am sure you may have seen the new Double Decker bus used by Community Transit, if not I snapped the photo above so you could see the massiveness. Community Transit is the second agency in the U.S. to put this type of bus into its regular service, the only other being Las Vegas. Unfortunately, I don’t use the CT route that uses this particular bus, but I have got to imagine the views are awesome! The bus seats 67 with room for 20 standing which is double a regular 40′ bus in the same footprint. I wonder how this compares to the articulated buses? The route 402 is currently using the bus as a testing period which will last approximately two weeks, before it rotates to another route for additional testing by Community Transit. I saw the release on the news and there was a lady who wouldn’t get on cause she was afraid it would hit the overpasses. It does clear the overpasses so don’t worry if that is stopping you. Has anyone rode the Double Decker yet? Any first impressions? I am glad to see CT pushing the envelope for innovation in modern transportation, it shows that this region is serious about transportation.

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  1. I think this is cool, I wonder if King County Metro will be doing the same? Sound Transit?

  2. i have rode a double decker bus, but not here in seattle, but in Hong Kong, the view is quite nice.

  3. I heard they’re the same double deckers as London recently bought – I rode those last year and they are VERY posh.

    Also, they apparently have a higher capacity than articulated buses.

  4. I’ve had misgivings about the double-decker concept in Seattle. I mean, does it clear the trolley wires??? Good grief! LOL
    I’ve ridden in the top of London’s red double-deckers before. That was an experience. Especially trying to climb a spiral staircase in a moving vehicle. It felt like the thing was about to tip over at any moment turning corners.
    Is Seattle ready for two-layer buses? I don’t know; I’m all for it, though. But I’ll be happy staying on the bottom floor, thankyouverymuch. ;)

  5. I’ve ride double deckers all my life when I was living in Hong Kong and Singapore, basically, I do believe Sound Transit and Community or even Pierce Transit could benefit from having the ADL Enviro 500 at the long haul route, just like KMB has the Enviro at long haul routes that travel from Yuen Long to Central (968) which I took everyday to work before I return to US for Grad school
    btw, the British build double decker has way better quality then most US/ Can build bus, the fit and finish, and also the bus is quiet…btw, most HK and Singapore Double Decker’s body are assembly locally as kit from ADL or others. Therefore, by sending the chassic and body as CKD to Seattle, it will save cost.

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