Sound Transit released some stats on 2nd Quarter performance and their hard work is starting to pay off! Total ridership on Sounder, Link light rail, and Express buses went up 11% compared to last year. The Sounder alone went up 20% while Express buses went up 10% and Link light rail 2%. This is awesome, especially since Central Link isn’t even completed yet. In fact they had 3.5 Million people use Sound Transit in the 2nd Quarter. When Central Link is completed and rolling on its rails, I only see Sound Transit going up. In my perfect world, when ST Link is running to Everett and Redmond, the numbers will be as high as some other larger cities perhaps? San Francisco? Chicago?

Speaking of ridership the 19 days of pain are almost here, and as you may have heard Sound Transit added a Sounder round trip run for a total of 5 runs. The new trip starts in Puyallup at 6:17am and returns leaving King Street at 4:50pm. They have tweaked the normal schedule so make sure to take a peek if you are a regular. I see this as really the only way to sanity during this stretch of time. It will show the region that we need grade separated transit badly. In fact I hope people will use Sounder and see that it is the way to go even with all I-5 available. It provides Sound Transit with a great opportunity to showcase the Commuter Rail. So tell everyone about it that can use this awesome service. Too bad they couldn’t do 9 or 10 round trip runs! However Sound Transit is the agency that is adding service on buses and trains during the I-5 maintenance project. King County Metro is not adding any additional service as they are maxed out. Is anyone trying Sounder out for the first time? What are you doing to avoid this mess? Vacation? The coffee shop idea Mayor Nickels was talking about?

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  1. I will be taking Sounder for the first time. Hopefully I can find parking? Does anyone know if all stations have parking? Will they allow overflow? The whole coffee shop idea Nickels mentioned works for people in his line of work, not for the common worker like myself. Where your presence is required.

  2. I know about the South Line:

    The city of Puyallup just announced they will be adding additional parking – 780 slots, to be exact.

    Parking at Sumner and Auburn is tough, but many people are taking advantage of a satellite lot at Bonney Lake off of 410, which is served by a connector bus (Puyallap has this, too at South Hill). Tacoma Dome Station is near capacity, and Auburn too.

    From what I understand, the Kent garage is not full (it may be next week) – I’m not sure about Tukwila.

    ST2 ballot this fall has money for parking garages in Auburn, Sumner and Puyallup, as well as a permanent station in Tukwila.

    There is decent local bus service which connects to many of the station – I know a lot of people use the 150 to transfer to Sounder (in Auburn, I believe.) Check

    Hope that helps.

  3. Sorry – I wasn’t very specific: the connector from Bonney Lake is for Sumner Station.


    Tacoma: Approximately 627 additional free parking spaces will be leased weekdays during the construction period only. “Lot A,” one block south of the Sounder platform will be available from August 13-17 and August 20-24. “Lot B’ will be available from August 27-29 only. 2727 E “D” St, Tacoma

    Puyallup: 780 free spaces are available during the construction period only in the Puyallup Fair “Red Lot.” 5th St SW between 7th and 9th Ave SW, Puyallup

    Sumner: Over 300 free parking spaces in the Sumner High School parking lot in downtown Sumner near the train station will be available during the construction period. 1707 Main St, Sumner
    Kent: Free parking spaces in the old park-and-ride lot is served by King County Metro Commuter Routes. 902 W James St, Kent

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