After watching the news last night and reading the PI, Ron Simms neither supports nor rejects the Roads and Transit Package. Last night on the news Simms said, “This is up to the voters to decide”. Leaving no indication whether he was for or against. Clearly those that want transit don’t want roads and vice versa. Although, I wonder, is this a political game? It was not long ago he was all about Transit Now. He was appearing everywhere and was extremely vocal on his pet project for the County. Is this a pro-bus and anti-rail stance? Who knows?

“I’ve always taken this position,” Sims said Tuesday evening. “I’ve told people in political circles I won’t support or oppose it. It’s a very significant proposal that voters are really going to have to dwell on and think about.”

Sims said his neutral stance on the measure has surprised some, but “people made an assumption” about where he’d stand. “You should never assume things about what I’ll do.”

This sounds like a loose canon statement to me, but I fear this may be a bit of a bump-in-the-road so to speak for the ballot! If people look to their politicians for answers then they will be left in the dark. The ST board is full of politicians that will gladly pose for a wonderful photo-op, but is that their true intentions? Is transit really what their concerned about? Seems not too long ago John Ladenburg was also in the loose canon spot not too long ago if his crossbase highway wasn’t supported.

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  1. It seems to me that Sims doesn’t want to tie is political fortunes with Roads and Transit. The latest elway poll shows only 54% support for it, which is enough to get it passed but there will be 46% of the electorate that will be pissed off (and this includes right-wing Highway nuts and SOME left wing enviro voters most notably the Sierra Club).

    If you look at Sims other political moves recently (becoming a consultant for Hilary Clinton) and his past attempts at higher office (Governor), it seems he doesn’t want to attach his fortunes to something as controversial as Roads and Transit.

  2. Clearly those that want transit don’t want roads and vice versa.

    Really? That’s clear? Maybe my friends and I are anomalies … seems to me that everyone I know is pretty OK with both getting some improvements. Are we weird?

    Anyway don’t buses … use … roads?

  3. Ron Sims probably agrees with the Sierra Club that RTID makes global warming worse. And that there is a better way to finance transportation than a regressive sales tax.

    As for guts, he stood by Sound Tranasit in its toughest days. Must be something really wrong with it to distance himself now. Such as being tied to a massive highway expansion that makes global warming worse.

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