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There’s a reason roads and transit are together. From Sound Politics (a far-right site):

he also found voters polled increasingly view the package as a positive step forward for transportation in the Puget Sound region and view it as having a “reasonable cost.”

Most intriguingly, and which should raise red flags for the anti-light rail folks on one side of the opposition and the anti-roads zealots on the other: Elway has the proposition passing as a package, but each individual component of roads and transit fails as a stand-alone option when voters are given that choice. The balance – as touted in the Roads and Transit ads – it indeed a significant selling point of the proposal.

There’s a reason the package makes sense togther.

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  1. And maybe ST will be able to strike a deal with the FTA like Salt Lake City to fund the package deal. Yesterday UTA agreed to have the FTA pay for 20% of the 5 light rail lines they are building. It’s never been done like that before.

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