I have been away for a great deal of time, but I noticed upon my return that the South Lake Union Streetcar has a new website with new some helpful information. I see people are sponsoring stops. Great for revenue! My hopes are that they will put all Seattle streetcar information on that website (http://www.seattlestreetcar.com/). I didn’t see anything regarding the Waterfront Streetcar or Capitol Hill streetcar. Check it out though it will be operating soon!

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  1. I’m excited about the SLUS starting up, but I’m not sure why. $1.50 a way is too much to use it as a lunch resource (when I get bored of downtown options). And I can’t think of another reason to go to SLU. Of course there will be more attractions as they develop the area.

    Thinking back, I was excited when the bus tunnel reopened as well, though I never use it. I think it’s just the little steps in the right direction help me imagine a Seattle that’s easy to get around in without a car.

    -Matt the Engineer

  2. I didn’t know about the FlexPass. Thanks.

    I’m fairly new to the bus system (used to work in Bellevue), and bike often so a monthly pass just didn’t pay back ($54 a month, versus the <$40 average I pay with cash after factoring in bike days). Plus I tend to carpool in the winter months, as the bus is so slow - it takes me >30 minutes to get downtown on the bus, or 15 minutes on my bike (ok, 30 minutes back – it is Queen Anne hill).


  3. I get my Flexpass through Virginia Mason for about $42 for the 4.50 monthly pass which is normally 152 bucks or so?

    I can ride any transit, anywhere, anytime. Community Transit, Sound Transit, Metro Transit and Pierce Transit. I think ST is working on getting Intercity Transit on board to allow Sounder to Olympia in 2015 or so.

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