So it seems the Sierra Club has found something new it hates about Prop. 1: the Medina lid over 520. Trying to appeal to the socialists amongst us, Mike “Hey, I’ve got a SUV, but seriously global warming is a problem” O’Brien says:

Millions of dollars are earmarked to build a landscaped lid for Medina, Washington’s wealthiest neighborhood, while acres of the Arboretum are paved.

Acres? That is flat wrong. None of the proposed plans for 520 call for acres to be paved, and the one diagram for the Medina lid (3-7 in that link) looks like a park on top of 520. How is that a bad thing?

And there are lids in Kirkland, two in Montlake, one in Bellevue, etc. Why no mention of those? The all look like open green space over highways. Why is Mike “Do as I say not as I do” O’Brien and his cronies so against parks on top of freeways?

This is what the vote is about:

Not lids in Medina that are part of 520 and paid for by Eastsiders (subarea equity).

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