A minor request:

If you don’t have a blogger account, I would certainly appreciate if you chose “Other” when commenting instead of “Anonymous”. By using a name (whatever it is), it makes a lot easier to track threads.


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  1. Agreed.

    A Google account is free and has access to so many services. Heck, I don’t mind my 5 gigs of email space, Orkut, and a zillion other things that Google provides =)

  2. Michael,

    I’m not a Blogger whiz, but if you could let me know how that’s done, I’d do it right away. I don’t see any obvious option for it on any of the menus.

  3. Ah, I didn’t know the Other option was so flexible. I’ll start using it.

    But please don’t turn off this option – I prefer not to use my Gmail account on blogs (it makes you very Googleable, which can be bad), and will probably just stop commenting. I’m sure I’m not alone on this – check out how few comments people leave at Orphan Road.

  4. (oops, not Orphan Road – I don’t recall where I’ve seen a blogger with a forced login, but there were very few comments)

  5. Yeah, it would really lower the number of comments, and make people less likely to come back. Daimajin’s mentioned it a couple of times, but people really do fall through the cracks – for instance, I can’t remember my password at Seattlest right now, but my email address is “taken” so I can’t make a new account…

  6. You don’t have to sign in to use the “Other option”. It’s like SLOG – you just type in an ID.

    There’s no password.

    But I defer to my colleagues.

  7. Whoops!

    That last message was me, not Anonymous.

    That’s what I get for messing with the controls…

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